Thinking About Sending That Christian Greeting Card or Note? Go For it, Today

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Thanking God for the Blessing You Are

Thinking about writing a letter to someone? Go for it – it’s National Card and Letter Writing Month (mid-April to mid-May). Several articles explore this topic from a variety of angles, from celebrating motherhood to the historical anniversary of “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Why this tribute to letters?

Letters and cards matter. Sitting down to put a pen to paper and utilizing the U.S. Postal Service is something many of us think about, but just don’t find much time to do in our busy lives. Yet, if you ask someone what some of their prized possessions are, many may say these include treasured cards or letters received.

Move it from your mind to paper. Why not take a few minutes to get that card or letter you’ve been thinking about off your mind and into the hands of a loved one or friend? A Christian greeting card can make that task simple and enjoyable, and there are so many styles in today’s collections. Set aside just an hour and you’d be surprised at how many cards you could actually get ready to send. It’s a feeling that brightens your day for the next several days.

Don’t forget about sending a card or note to missionaries, your clergy or even a non-profit organization that you feel is carrying out their mission well. It’s also rewarding to step outside your comfort zone and send a card to someone you’ve heard about who is in need of encouragement, even if you’ve never talked face to face.

There’s another reason cards and letters are so special – they are like sending a little bit of yourself to someone else. Your thoughts, your handwriting and even the choice of Christian greeting card you send all add up to sharing a piece of you with someone else.

Don’t worry about knowing exactly what to say; you can let the card’s verse or image help convey that message for you. Sometimes it’s just enough to say “thinking of you” or “I’m here for you.” In today’s digital world, even this kind of simple message holds weight.

Let your children or grandchildren see you writing a note or invite them to send their own. They can learn a new way to deepen relationships or serve someone by watching you carry out this basic act. They’re not likely to forget it when you let them help with the process.

You can make it a social time, too, by inviting friends over with their own stationary or hosting a group at your local church or community center. Maybe sending a card or letter is a ritual you can carry out as a group on a monthly basis, adopting a new group or cause to reach out to each month.

Regardless of the artwork you choose, or the message you send, now’s the time to act on that letter that’s been forming in your mind. You’ll be so glad you did – and so will the recipient. Find unique and beautiful designs online at The Printery House, where each card is designed and lettered by the monks and artists who work here. Each card you send helps support our work, and that makes the message even more special. View new designs today at