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Let the Christian Gift Shop Help Your Family Memorize Scripture

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Fruits of the Spirit

If you ever sang a song to memorize the names of the 12 apostles, then you know that when you have a little help, scripture memory is an achievable goal – even for the youngest children. Kids sing the alphabet and recite the Pledge of Allegiance; memorizing is all about repetition.

But sometimes kids can feel like memorizing bible verses is just another chore. That is when you turn to the Christian gift shop for a little help. There you will find bible verses in every kind of wall art. And when your walls are covered with the words of the bible, your children’s hearts will be too. There are also other ways that you can help your children to put God’s word in their hearts.

Learning Scripture Can be Fun
Try putting bible verses to familiar tunes. Preschoolers can learn complicated scriptures by singing them to familiar tunes such as Row, Row, Row Your Boat and the Happy Birthday song. You can make it fun with homemade cymbals, shakers and music sticks and have them march around the room reciting scripture as they go.

With older children you can play the blackboard eraser game in which the verse is repeated as child after child takes turns erasing one word from the verse. You can also put words from the verse inside balloons and then have your children sit on them to pop them and reconstruct the verse. There are lots of ways to have fun learning bible verses with children. But the verses that a person sees the most often will be the easiest to recall.

Memorizing Scripture is All About Exposure
If you want kids to take the words of the bible to heart, put it before them daily. First and foremost this means reading the bible with your children, but there is a less direct approach as well. Check out the Christian gift shop for some wall plaques that have bible verses displayed.

In the Kitchen
In the kitchen hang a plaque with the words of Galatians 5:22-23 The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self- control. You can talk about each of these fruits at mealtimes. What do they look like? How did you demonstrate them during the day?

In the Bathroom
In the bathroom where kids are combing hair and brushing teeth and preparing themselves to be seen by others, hang the words of Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

In the Bedroom
In the bedroom where you tuck your child in at night and talk about the events of the day put the words of Romans 8:28 in plain view We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God

At the Back Door
And right by the garage door where it will be seen multiple times each and every day post Psalm 121:8 The Lord will guard your coming and going both now and forevermore.

Lastly, in your living room, consider hanging the words to the Apostle’s Creed. Your family is a Christian family and this is your family motto. Help them learn it.

The Christian gift shop has so much to offer when it comes to helping your family memorize scripture. For the verses mentioned here and many more, go to The Printery House. We have a large assortment of items that you can use to help your children learn God’s word.

Catholic Baptism Gifts: Eight Easy Ideas

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Good Shepherd Votive

What says new life like baptism? Not much, really. Few activities convey the hope we have of being part of God’s family forever like baptism. Whether it’s a child or an adult, there’s something so miraculous and wonderful about this event that everyone will remember. If you’re attending a baptism ceremony soon, here are some Catholic baptism gifts so you can show the recipient that you, too, share in their joy!

Baptism Gift Ideas for Adults Include:

Candles – From candles that sound like a real crackling fire to those with biblical scenes, everyone can appreciate a candle with a nice card as a great baptism gift. One meaningful choice is the Good Shepherd votive candle and statue holder that reminds us of Christ’s love. The statue design is actually a rendering of George Carruth’s statue in the Washington National Cathedral.

Frame for a photo – Since baptism is a truly memorable event, offer the recipient a decorative photo frame as a gift they’ll keep. It doesn’t have to be all pastel and over-done; many simple, classic designs are available for the occasion. Garden stone – A clever garden stone makes a unique Baptism gift, especially when the recipient can walk by it and remember their baptism experience. Try one with a message of faith and accompany it with a plant to represent new life.

Keepsake cross – A keepsake cross is a timeless, meaningful gift for men or women, teens or even children. So many designs are available now, ranging from Celtic to ornate, as well as some with bold colors and messages to very basic wooden designs. It’s sure to be a treasured gift.

Baptism Gift Ideas for Children Include:

Jewelry – Children love small tokens of appreciation, so remember a child at their baptism with a bracelet or necklace. Some companies, like The Printery House, have designs for boys, too!

Frame or jewelry box – Most kids enjoy a new item for their room or dresser, just for them. Try a unique frame or a jewelry box to help them remember how special this baptism event is in their faith journey.

Special stuffed animal – A super-soft plush animal can be a fun baptism gift for a child, especially if you accompany it with a handwritten note about how special the moment is for you to experience with them.

Scrapbook – Boys and girls enjoy crafts and scrapbooking, especially if you assemble all the items they’ll need for them to remember this moment. Include the album or paper, glue, stickers and fun writing pens or paint pens.

Some who are Godparents or immediate family may simply want to give the recipient cash inside a card. Others may like the idea of a keepsake gift that lasts for years, despite the price. A homemade gift, such as a wall plaque, is also a way to give the occasion a personal touch. Today your options are numerous, as long as the message is conveyed that you celebrate and honor their decision to become part of the family of Christ and to receive the new life He offers.

Don’t forget to include a Baptism card with a handwritten message. Long after a gift trinket might be set out of sight, or passed on to someone else, a card will likely be saved for generations to come to read your message of encouragement. You’ll find several designs, from bold to classic, at The Printery House – and the monks and artists there have been making these high-quality religious greeting cards on-site for more than 60 years.

Five Fun Things You Can do With Time Saved When You Shop Cards Online

Value Card Collection
Value Card Collection

Here’s a thought: sit down on your porch and order all your cards at once for events like graduations, baby Christenings, thanking friends and some “just because.” Once you experience the joy of saving time when you shop cards online, what can you do with that extra hour you just saved going to the retail store, waiting in line and heading back home? Here are some fun things to think about because you earned yourself some extra time:

1. Head to a friend’s house and surprise him/her with a cupcake delivery or some fresh baked cookies. How long has it been since you’ve had a chance to do that? Cards and gifts are wonderful, but the surprise of your presence, even for a half hour, can go a long way toward keeping the “weeds” away from precious relationships.

2. Look through your pantry for canned or packaged items you do not need, and make a box to take to the food bank. Put it in your car and it’s ready to go the next time you head out. Not only does it feel good to help people, you’ll have a little more room in your cabinet – and that could inspire you to keep going removing extra things from the rest of your kitchen.

3. It’s not exactly glamorous, but wiping down your doors and trim work once or twice a year gives your home a fresh new feeling, any season. Grab a damp cloth and go from room to room. In just 20 minutes, you’ll be surprised at the dirt you can collect. While you’re working, enjoy some upbeat music or use this time to pray for those on your list!

4. If you shop cards online, you may also have a little extra time to do something fun for yourself. Have you ever noticed the sizable collection of great magazines at your local library? Most libraries have current copies of dozens of titles you may not get at home, and who wouldn’t enjoy a quiet, leisurely browse?

5. Here’s an idea that may be the most fun … do a little bit of nothing. In this fast world, sometimes it’s surprising what doing a little bit of absolutely nothing feels like. There’s no shame and no guilt in spending 30 minutes in quiet thought, or thinking about nothing at all. This may be the space you need for your next great idea. After all, doing nothing is still doing something.

Ready to shop cards online and earn yourself some extra down time? Visit The Printery House online for a great selection of religious greeting cards, gifts and stationary. The monks and artists of The Printery House have been hand-designing cards and printing them on-site at their own printshop for more than 60 years. Now that’s a great story worth sharing, and worth contemplating as you’re embarking on one of the ideas above.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts Are Simpler Than You Might Think

God Bless This Irish Man Mug
God Bless This Irish Man Mug

Dear old dad. Or grandpa. Or a favorite mentor. Whoever the father figure is in your life, the one who has given you encouragement and support throughout your years, this may be the year to say no to the tie and go for more unique Father’s Day gifts. Here are some ideas for unique Father’s Day gifts when you want to honor and celebrate the amazing role he has played in your life.

Dads usually like to be outside. Go for something he can enjoy talking about outside with others, like a mini-fountain (pretty affordable nowadays) or a quality set of solar lights that really will outlast weather, pets and kids. You might also consider a new garden stone – you can find some to share your faith at The Printery House, or make your own with paint.

Dads usually like some quiet time alone. Give him a new devotional or bible study book, and enclose in it a homemade coupon for some quiet time anytime he needs it. (The kids can make this part!)

Try a homemade painting on a hobby store canvas. Try implementing a favorite phrase or scripture into the canvas, or, purchase a bold-colored piece of Christian art work or all art online that’ll brighten up his home or office space.

Perk him up with some specialty coffee beans, and put it with a masculine-inspired mug. If you wanted to go the extra mile, package this with a note saying you’d like to sit down and enjoy a few moments across the table together talking, anytime.

Many men, across ages and demographics, can resonate with a sturdy cross to remind them where they have their faith anchored. New Celtic knot designs and stand-up designs are sure to be a great compliment to his desk or home. This is one unique Father’s Day gift that doesn’t go out of style.

Don’t forget as you’re looking for a great gift to celebrate him, pick up Father’s Day cards and religious greeting cards for other men who have inspired you. The cards made by The Printery House have been made in the USA on-site at the print shop in Conception Abbey, MO for 60 years – and purchases support the apostolic work of the monks who live and work at the Benedictine Monastery.