Five Fun Things You Can do With Time Saved When You Shop Cards Online

Value Card Collection
Value Card Collection

Here’s a thought: sit down on your porch and order all your cards at once for events like graduations, baby Christenings, thanking friends and some “just because.” Once you experience the joy of saving time when you shop cards online, what can you do with that extra hour you just saved going to the retail store, waiting in line and heading back home? Here are some fun things to think about because you earned yourself some extra time:

1. Head to a friend’s house and surprise him/her with a cupcake delivery or some fresh baked cookies. How long has it been since you’ve had a chance to do that? Cards and gifts are wonderful, but the surprise of your presence, even for a half hour, can go a long way toward keeping the “weeds” away from precious relationships.

2. Look through your pantry for canned or packaged items you do not need, and make a box to take to the food bank. Put it in your car and it’s ready to go the next time you head out. Not only does it feel good to help people, you’ll have a little more room in your cabinet – and that could inspire you to keep going removing extra things from the rest of your kitchen.

3. It’s not exactly glamorous, but wiping down your doors and trim work once or twice a year gives your home a fresh new feeling, any season. Grab a damp cloth and go from room to room. In just 20 minutes, you’ll be surprised at the dirt you can collect. While you’re working, enjoy some upbeat music or use this time to pray for those on your list!

4. If you shop cards online, you may also have a little extra time to do something fun for yourself. Have you ever noticed the sizable collection of great magazines at your local library? Most libraries have current copies of dozens of titles you may not get at home, and who wouldn’t enjoy a quiet, leisurely browse?

5. Here’s an idea that may be the most fun … do a little bit of nothing. In this fast world, sometimes it’s surprising what doing a little bit of absolutely nothing feels like. There’s no shame and no guilt in spending 30 minutes in quiet thought, or thinking about nothing at all. This may be the space you need for your next great idea. After all, doing nothing is still doing something.

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