Make a Difference in People’s Day by Sending Inspirational Greeting Cards

May the God of Peace Be with You
May the God of Peace Be with You

Can you recall the last tough day you had? What might have made that day a bit more bearable? Sometimes a smile and a kind word from a stranger can affect you unconsciously for the better. But loving and hopeful words from someone you love are sure to make a tough day brighter. The Bible says A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver (Proverbs 25:11). Said another way, when the right words come at the right moment they are an invaluable treasure.

For the most part we don’t know when those we love are having a hard day. And in our hurry-scurry world we don’t always even see the ones we love from one week to the next. Which is why it is such a good idea to make a practice of sending encouraging cards to the people in your life. You never know when God will arrange it so that your card arrives at just the right moment and becomes someone’s treasure.

Inspirational greeting cards make it easy to send uplifting words because they come prepared with some sort of God-directed message. Inspirational greeting cards carry encouraging words like God is with you or God wants you to call on Him. Some cards are printed with comforting words of prayer. Others remind recipients of the inheritance that is theirs in Christ Hope, Joy, Grace.

But beyond the prepared message on a religious card are the words that you pen yourself. And this is perhaps why the practice of mailing cards and letters appears to be falling by the wayside. Life is full of problems and we don’t always know what to say in the face of them. The important thing to remember is that religious greeting cards do the heavy lifting in terms of making a power statement – all you have to do is be personal. Words like I was thinking of you today and prayed this prayer for you before I sealed the envelope can make a tremendous impact.

Your card needn’t be lengthy – it isn’t the number of words that make the difference in a personal card or letter. It’s what those words convey. I’m so glad that God gave you to me as a friend. I told Him so today and now I’m telling you. And it doesn’t make any difference whether you print your message or write it out in longhand – just make it something from your heart. Those are the messages that make an impact.

Think back over your last several trips to your own mailbox. How many handwritten notes were there waiting for you? If you are like most people– not many. The postal service is delivering fewer and fewer pieces of personal mail. That means that when you take the five to ten minutes needed to jot a few lines and address an envelope your efforts will stand out.

Why not buy a collection of inspirational greeting cards and have them on hand? Decide to send one card to one person each week. You’ll be surprised at how good it makes you feel and what a difference it will make in other people’s day. If you’re looking for a place to buy those religious greeting cards – check out The Printery House where your purchase also helps support the work of training men in the ministry.