Finding the Right Confirmation Gifts for Those You Love

Confirmed In Christ Frame
Confirmed In Christ Frame

Confirmation is a momentous occasion in an individual’s life and in the life of the church. If someone close to you is being confirmed, you want to honor that step in a way that lets them know how supportive you are of their decision. One way to do that is by choosing a gift that is spiritual and affirms their commitment to a life of faith. Here are a few confirmation gifts to consider.

Patron Saint Medals
Adopting a patron saint at confirmation is a practice with long tradition in the Catholic faith. Patron saints date back to the early church age when houses of worship were built over the graves of martyrs. As the church spread, individuals adopted patron saints based on some other connection. It could be that the person shared a vocation or interest with the saint or felt that the saint offered an example they wished to follow. A patron saint medal at confirmation is therefore a suitable gift. However, if you don’t choose to give a saint medallion it is also fitting to give a pocket prayer medallion or a Holy Spirit medal.

Crosses and Rosaries
Crosses or rosaries make ideal confirmation gifts for male or female confirmants. Cross necklaces comes in styles appropriate to either gender and are mementos to last for years. A bronze Jerusalem cross necklace with a superimposed dove, for example, is masculine enough to appeal to most young men. More delicate cross necklaces will be appreciated by young ladies.

Rosaries are aids to prayer and thus make great gifts as someone is setting out on their journey of faith. If you have a special time when you pray the rosary or an experience using the rosary, be sure to share that with your loved one.

Bibles are always the right gift to give a believing Christian. The Bible contains the daily manna every believer needs to find strength for each day. Helping your newly confirmed loved one to develop a regular habit of personal bible reading is the very best gift you can give. Bibles come bound in dark leather (for men) or white leather (for women). You can have the bible embossed with the recipient’s name. Be sure to fill out the Presentation Page in honor of the occasion. You might even like to highlight your own favorite verse in the bible and write the date beside it.

Confirmation Picture Frame
In a day and time when so much of life is posted visually via social media it can be even more meaningful to give your loved one a special confirmation picture frame. Frames emblazoned with the words Confirmed in Christ and inscribed with 2 Peter 3:18 Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can hold a picture that captures this very special occasion – and will be seen and remembered by them daily.

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