Religious Greeting Cards: Do You Line up with the Trends?

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day

Religious greeting cards – sent any lately? Actually the market reflects that around 6.5 billion greeting cards are purchased annually, and certainly a portion of these reflect a faith message. It’s true that many people have come to rely on a text, a Facebook post or an email to send a quick birthday greeting – but when it comes to encouragement, sympathy, or a sincere thank you, many great options are available across the Christian and Catholic retail card industry.

If you send birthday cards the most, you’re in the majority. Birthday cards still dominate the market and make up for a large portion of card sales. If you’re looking for one with a faith message, you can find more bold, creative and interesting designs than ever to celebrate the life God gave someone you know.

When it comes to holidays, Christmas reigns supreme for card sales, but Valentine’s Day holds second place (this excludes the fun cards kids buy for their school parties). Honoring mom and dad is also a top trend, with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day representing a large share of cards sent.

Ladies buy more cards than men, and, if you’re a woman, you may spend more time selecting just the right card. (But men may buy a big stack of cards!).

You might spend more on a fancier card from time to time, especially if it has sounds or music, but most cards remain quite affordable at $2 to $4 each.

Most of you who buy and send cards know that it’s important, meaningful and not something you want to set aside even when you get busy. Some reports say that about 80 percent of the card buying audience doesn’t plan to stop buying and sending cards, but instead, to buy more. Now that’s encouraging in a fast-paced electronic world, where a simple hand-written card is still special.

If you’re among those who already have card-sending as a regular life activity, encourage someone else today to send a couple of cards. They’ll be surprised at how satisfying it feels, especially if they can share their faith with a religious greeting card and make someone smile at the same time. You’ll find a great selection of hand-designed greeting cards created by the monks and artists of The Printery House, now in its 60th year of helping people share important life moments with the ones you love.