Wooden Cross: Humble But so Powerful … Take a Second Look

Olivewood Comfort Cross
Olivewood Comfort Cross

What’s so special about a wooden cross?

Everything. Especially when it carries symbolic meaning and comes from a holy place of origin.

There’s a thousand ways to share your faith or be encouraged, but the basic wooden cross holds its value year after year, generation after generation. Across denominations and status, the cross will always be common ground; it remains the great equalizer of our faith in the redemption offered to all by Jesus Christ.

If you have a wooden cross in your home, or one you hold in your hand, you’re likely reminded by its powerful message to pray often – but there are several ways to enjoy and share this ancient item:

1. Give a wooden cross as a birthday, graduation or encouragement gift. Keep a selection on hand in your gift drawer, because a cross makes a unique and meaningful gift for so many situations of life.
2. Use one as decorative art in your living area or even your kitchen to show all who enter that Jesus lives in your home.
3. Utilize a cross in your garden or landscaping. This creates a beautiful space to meditate and pray.
4. Have a small cross to carry in your pocket or to have in your hand for your prayer or devotions.
5. Wear a miniature version as jewelry.

One of the most popular wooden crosses is the Comfort Cross offered by The Printery House. This special item is made of olive wood from the Holy Land, crafted from pruned branches of olive trees from the hill country around Bethlehem and Jerusalem. It even comes gift-ready with special packaging.

You may also want to consider painting, building or decorating a wooden cross all your own. It’s not difficult to find small limbs or wood from a favorite tree, then fashion your own cross design. The main point is to remember the love, sacrifice, forgiveness, mercy and hope the cross will always represent.

Find great wooden cross designs and religious greeting cards online at The Printery House, where the monks and artists have been making cards on-site in their own print shop for more than 60 years.