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How Inspirational Cards Really do Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

When Faced with Things We Cannot Change
When Faced with Things We Cannot Change

Think for a moment about the last gift you received. It may have been a birthday present, Christmas gift, graduation gift or anniversary offering but chances are there was a card attached. Opening and reading the card was a way to connect you with the gift-giver. Most of the time, the gift is made more precious by the words that accompanied it.

Cards don’t have to come with a gift to create that kind of sweet connection. They work just fine all by themselves. For Christians, sending inspirational cards can be a chance to link hearts with another person and remind them of the powerful connection we enjoy with God at the same time.

Inspirational Cards That Offer Prayers
Christian greeting cards can come with beautiful artwork but what makes them even more special are the words they contain. Perhaps no human words are as powerful as those offered up in prayer to God. Sending someone a card with a written prayer is powerful because prayers are intimate and strengthening words addressed to the only One who is Almighty.

For example, we need comfort and encouragement when faced with trouble. A card with a Prayer for Comfort reminds us to look to God. Written prayers provide words for those times when the too-full heart feels mute and inarticulate.

Other times life brings uncertainties. We’re not sure which job to take, where to attend school or whether it’s time to make a career move. A card that bears a Prayer for Direction shows the other person that you understand their struggle even while it points them to the One who lights our way.

Or what about your friend who is in the midst of a storm? Sending them a card with a Prayer for Inner Peace directs their attention to the Lord who can provide stillness within even while the tempest rages all around.

Inspirational Cards That Offer Encouragement
Every Christian struggles at some point to walk out well the life of discipleship and exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. That is just where a Christian greeting card can be encouraging. You may choose a card that encourages Faith with such words as “Believe that God is with you and feel safe..” Faith can be that sort of simple choice. But sometimes it helps to be reminded of that fact.

Your card that encourages joy may come at just the right moment. The words “Turn to God in prayer, let Him quiet your worry and lift your spirit with joy” can interrupt a bad day and help it get completely turned around.

Inspirational Cards That Apply Scripture
Just like the beautiful ribbon on a wrapped package, the words of Scripture can tie everything together. No words have power like God’s own. Sending a card that contains the life-giving manna found in the Bible is sure to make a difference. After all, God’s Word never returns to Him void.

Christian greeting cards can make a difference in someone’s day. In their Christian life, even. Link hearts with someone by sending them an inspirational card and be a part of connecting them afresh with the Lord of Love. To find inspirational cards like the ones mentioned here, visit The Printery House.

Make Someone’s Day, Week, Month: Send Them a Christian Greeting Card

The Grace of the Lord Jesus Be With You
The Grace of the Lord Jesus Be With You

Think about what you collected out of your mailbox during the past week. If it was mostly coupon specials, bulk mail advertisements and bills then your mailbox is like most today. Not many people send or receive handwritten cards and letters anymore. That’s too bad. Because if you’re honest, you’ll admit that getting a personal note in the mail brightens your day. So here’s the challenge to you: Make someone’s day and send them a handwritten note or letter.

It doesn’t matter whether you write your note in pencil or pen – whatever is most comfortable for you. Pen tends to have a more dignified appearance, but your recipient won’t be wondering about your stylus choice. What does matter is that you are writing words rather than typing them or sending abbreviated messages that say writing out an entire word was just too much trouble.

Send your letter on attractive paper or have fun picking out an appropriate Christian greeting card. If you do choose a card, you’ll still want to compose a few lines to make it truly personal. Your recipient wants to hear from you, not just the writer at the card company.

Composing a meaningful letter isn’t hard, though as the practice wanes people may feel self-conscious about it. Here are some basics:

  1. Open with an appropriate greeting. Dear _______, works in most cases, but Hello or , Greetings _____, or even Surprise! are all fine. You just need a conversation opener.
  2. Next, let the person know why you are writing. You were thinking of them. You were praying for them. You have been wondering how they are doing. You want to thank them. You want to encourage them…this only needs to be a single line.
  3. The body of your letter can be as long or short as you like. One or two lines or a few paragraphs depending upon what you have to say. The key is to be specific. A Christian greeting card is designed to be useful in multiple situations, but your words should be completely individualized.
  4. Close with a simple Love___, Gratefully yours, So glad we’re friends, or other suitable words and your name.
  5. The last part of sending a personal letter is addressing the envelope and affixing a stamp. Once you start making it a habit to write cards and letters you may find that choosing stamps can be half the fun. Seasonal stamps, stamps with historical significance, stamps with celebrity faces, birds, flowers, states – there are so many to choose from and you can have fun matching stamps to the personal likes of your recipient.

Receiving a handwritten note in the mail is like receiving a surprise gift. Everyone feels a tiny surge of happiness when they find a letter in the mailbox. And opening it to get to the contents can be as fun as opening a gift from a loved one. So decide to make someone’s day…or week…or month… and send them a personal note. If you are looking for stationery, check out The Printery House where you’ll be sure to find the perfect paper or Christian greeting card to brighten someone’s day.

Christian Paintings: Think Outside the Box With Great Christian Wall Art

"As For Me" Framed Canvas Wall Art
“As For Me” Framed Canvas Wall Art

Got great walls? Got great faith? Adorn them and express them with Christian wall plaques, art work or paintings.

It’s trendier than ever to get creative with wall art, and today there are so many options for inspiring others who come to your home (or office) with your faith. You’re not limited anymore to traditional colors or the same list of traditional designs.

In fact, Christian paintings are all over Pinterest and other social media sites because there are so many colors and styles in which to share the message of God’s love. You might choose to buy a pre-painted canvas with a bold verbal message, such as a verse, or one with a collection of words that reflect popular verses when placed together.

You might also look for popular Christian wall art that ties in nature together with faith, such as birds as the focus and a scripture, such as: “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.” If you like nature but birds aren’t really your interest, there are many choices that feature grand trees and timeless verses of comfort, such as “For I know the plans I have for you, to give you a hope and a purpose.”

If you like to think outside the box when it comes to Christian paintings, look for bold impressions of the face of Jesus or bold representations of the cross. As you explore your choices, you may notice that you can create this type of art by getting a blank canvas, some paint samples and delving into your own meaning behind your faith. Whether you create it or purchase it from great sources like The Printery House (a 60-year business with its own special story to tell) there’s no limit to what you can share with Christian paintings.

In fact, you may find that this type of faith-filled artwork is the perfect solution to all your gift needs throughout the year, from confirmation and baptisms to weddings and holidays. Choose a few that reflect simple messages of hope and love and keep them on hand – you may be surprised to see how many chances you have to inspire someone when you’re ready with the right message. Look today online at our beautiful Christian artwork, here at the Printery House, and choose a special piece to share the message of Christ.

Christian Décor to Fill Every Room With Thoughts of God

Irish Family Wall Cross
Irish Family Wall Cross

At one time the phrase Christian décor meant either a crucifix on the wall or a picture of the Lord’s Supper and not much else. These are still popular home accessories, but they are far from the complete definition of Christian décor today. Expressing your faith in the way you decorate your home has never had more options.

The Cross
The cross is the most obvious and universally recognized symbol of Christianity. If you have a cross visible in your home it says right away that you are a follower of Jesus. But unless you want to hang your cross like a bumper sticker in a place where only others can see it, where you place a cross can have great significance.

For example:

  • If you place a cross in the kitchen near the table you will be reminded that Jesus is the unseen guest at every meal and the silent attendant in every conversation.
  • If you hang the cross in the bedroom where it can be viewed while tucked under the covers it can be a reminder to pray morning and evening or a symbol of His comforting presence when troubling thoughts disturb peaceful sleep.
  • Placed in the home’s entryway it symbolizes that Christ is your first and most important identity

The Word
Bible verses are another way to fill your rooms with thoughts of God. It can be almost as much fun choosing scriptures as it is to put them in place. Here are a few suggestions:

  • On or over the front door – Joshua 24:15 …as for me and my household we will serve the Lord
  • On or over the bedroom door – Psalm 4:8 I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety
  • In the bathroom – I Peter 3:4 Let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart
  • At the back door – Psalm 121:8 …the Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever.

Never before have Christians had so much faith-based artwork from which to choose. Today you can buy truly beautiful artwork often with the words of scripture embossed at the bottom. Ancient artwork depicting saints can be mixed with rustic crosses to create a meaningful expression of the faith handed down through the ages.

Christian books and faith-centered figurines can also be key elements in Christian décor. Stack several hardbound Christian classics to create a pedestal for your favorite Jim Shore or Willow Tree angel. Or place a small garden stone engraved with words of faith on the mantle. You might like to display a collection of rosaries or cross necklaces on the wall in a guest bedroom. There are so many ways to incorporate your faith into the way you beautify your home.

The Printery House is a ministry of Conception Abbey. Every dollar you spend there on items to decorate your home (or your inner life) goes toward supporting the training of future priests and ministers of the gospel. So fill your home with Christian décor and the world with the knowledge of His amazing grace!