Creating a Simple Birthday Celebration: Start With a Christian Birthday Card

Birthday Cards 6Not so many years ago, receiving a birthday card in the mail from distant relatives was still a big deal to kids. With Skype, email and texting it’s easier than ever for family members to stay connected and that is a good thing. One casualty of instant connectivity, however, has been the pleasure of giving and receiving cards in the mail.

It isn’t only the joy of handwritten mail that is slipping away. Big dollar birthday parties have become the norm and they are changing many things from self-perception to expectations. Children’s birthday parties are now given with the same kind of attention once reserved for once-in-a-lifetime occasions such as bridal showers or first baby showers. Maybe your child has been to one or maybe you’ve hosted them yourself, but maybe you are thinking it’s time to take control of the party madness and put the focus back on a simple celebration.

If you’re tired of competing with every other parents to host the biggest birthday party, here are some ways to create a special yet simple birthday.

1. Make a Memory Day
Rather than exhausting yourself and your pocketbook with demanding party decorations and activities, put that money toward creating a birthday memory. Trim the guest list back to just a few friends and take everyone to the zoo, water park or amusement park. Girls might enjoy getting mani-pedis and boys might enjoy a pro baseball game or paintball session. Take plenty of pictures for your child and their guests.

2. Hotel Sleepover
Having friends spend the night for a pajama party was once pretty standard stuff. It still can be. Move the venue from your basement to the local hotel and invite just a couple of friends. Use the pool, watch movies on the room TV and eat breakfast out.

3. Make Your Own Party
Some restaurants will allow the kids to “make their own” if you call ahead. Kids might make their own pizza or their own submarine sandwiches. Then go home and let them make their own ice cream sundaes.

4. Ask for a Christian Birthday Card With a Donation
Rather than have guests bring birthday gifts, ask them to choose a Christian birthday card and place the money they would have spent inside the card for a favorite charity. You could include information on the charity inside your birthday invitations. Have a great party and let kids learn the joy of giving to others at the same time.

You want to make birthdays special for your children, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the crowd and host birthday extravaganzas. Keep the focus on your child and the joy of making and sharing memories. If you are looking for a place to find a Christian birthday card check out the selection at The Printery House. We offer a large variety of birthday cards to help those you love celebrate their special day.