It’s Not Just “Thanks”: How to Write Inspirational Thank You Cards

Thank You for Watching Over Me
Thank You for Watching Over Me

When it comes to saying thanks, there are a million ways. Gracias. You’re a lifesaver. I couldn’t have done it without you. With warm gratitude. And the list goes on and on.

If you’re needing to send some inspirational thank you cards, start with the card itself, but don’t start with just one. Choose a set you like so that you’ll have them on hand. You may even try putting the cards, stamps, and addresses all together in your car or briefcase. It’s amazing how many special thanks you can send when you’re waiting somewhere or have a few extra minutes at a coffee shop.

One way to send a great thank you card is by choosing a card that has a story in itself. The Printery House, for example, has been designing and printing cards on-site in the hills of Conception Abbey for more than 60 years. The monks and artists who live and work at Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery, have a flair for creative designs that also incorporate a message of faith. It’s fun to know that sending a Printery House card means you’re helping support this critical and inspiring work!

Now that you’ve selected the right cards, writing the message doesn’t have to be difficult. Start by stating the deed or service you’re thankful for. Then state what it helped you do or meant to you. Then conclude by thanking the person again. It’s simple, but so meaningful. If a child has received a gift or been part of the experience, have them draw a picture inside the card for an extra special touch.

In fact, have you considered inviting local teens or your local youth group to get involved in a thank you note campaign? You can show them the basics of handwriting a message, and choose different groups such as missionaries, your church staff and clergy, veterans or other organizations that align with your church’s goals. This is a wonderful way to connect with local youth and help them understand how valuable writing inspirational thank you cards really is.

Today, we challenge you to write two thank you cards this month. Once you get started, you’ll find it’s something you really look forward to doing and you’ll likely write more than two! Check out a variety of great designs and options here at The Printery House.