Month: August 2014

Letter Writing is Back: Send a Christian Greeting Card Today

The Grace of the Lord Jesus Be With You
The Grace of the Lord Jesus Be With You

Yes, you can read your friend’s latest Facebook posting instantly. Presto, you know where they spent their summer holiday. You, and about a thousand others. If social media disperses more personal information than ever before, it also has deprived many of meaningful personal (private) interactions. That the world still yearns for those personal interactions can be seen by a new wave of letter-writing that is splashing up on shores all around the globe.

Once a year in Britain they celebrate the Month of Letters. The Month of Letters is a campaign which challenges people to send out a letter, Christian greeting card or any kind of personal note via mail every day during the month.

One British online editor gave out her post office box number and a promise to compose a hand-written note to whoever would write to her. In no time, nearly 200 letters arrived from all around the world. The stamps, stationary and interesting missives were a treat – and a sign that hunger for letter writing has not disappeared.

A similar effort in Canada goes by the title League of Extraordinary Pen Pals. The group uses a social media site to connect potential pen pals from everywhere. Just like in Britain, a couple of hundred letter-writers responded very quickly to the invitation to take part.

The rapid and significant response to such formats reveals that letter-writing remains a welcome way to connect with people no matter where they live. Obviously, the ability to communicate digitally with people around the corner or around the world has not replaced the pleasure of sending and receiving hand-written cards and letters.

In fact, making time to write a personal note in a Christian greeting card or on home-crafted stationary can be a welcome reprieve from the online world. The entire process is more personal. From your choice of stationary to the individuality of your penmanship to the kinds of things you say in a letter – a greater degree of intimacy occurs.

That searching has made letter-writing a resurging art. The well-respected U.S. business source The Wall Street Journal, reports that office supply companies who have enlarged their investment in personal stationary have also enlarged their profits (five times faster than the S&P 500). The amazing ability to see and read and “get inside” so many places via the Internet has not satisfied people’s need to touch others in a more personal way.

So whether you decide to join a pen-pal group or commit to write a note each day for a month or simply send a Christian greeting card instead of a text or email – come ride the wave with others also seeking to re-connect. The Printery House wants to help. We have a wide array of note cards and personalized stationary waiting to be filled with your words to someone who will be encouraged by your words.

How to Tips For Displaying Christian Framed Art

Wall Art 8
Bidden or not bidden

Choosing the artwork for your home is a major decision. Many Christians enjoy mixing their personal decorating style with expressions of faith. Christian framed art offers a great way to blend personal taste and convictions. People typically are careful about making a purchase of wall art, but not as much thought always goes into how that art is displayed. A few important design tips can make your choice look better than you ever imagined.

Tall Rectangle or Wide Square Size
The first mistake buyers often make is related to size. Keep in mind that narrow wall spaces call for vertically proportioned artworks. If you have a wide, blank wall, a more squared piece will look best. And your framed art will look best if it covers no more than two-thirds of the available wall space.

Easy on the Eyes
Be sure to place your framed artwork at a comfortable level for viewing. The rule of thumb for wall placement is “eye-level”. The focal point of the piece (or the center of any grouping) should be hung at eye level as you stand in the middle of the room. Design experts say that 5’7” represents the average eye-level for an adult male.

Of course, when you are placing Christian framed art over furniture, such as a sofa, eye-level will need to be adjusted downward. Always allow 10” of space between the top of your furniture and the bottom of the frame. The two-third rule applies here as well. Artwork should consume only two-thirds of available space behind your furniture.

Grouping Rules
If you have several framed pieces you want to hang in a grouping, a few basic rules apply.

1. Place larger pieces in the top part of the grouping and smaller pieces at the bottom. 2. Consider having frames in the top row align evenly.
3. Arrange pieces so that they also line up in the middle.
4. Three similar-size pieces can be hung horizontally in a row on a larger wall or vertically on a narrower wall.
5. Hallways can look great with a gallery motif. Hang all pieces at gallery height (5’).
6. On a stairway, artwork may be staggered to create visual appeal and orderliness.

If you find a piece of Christian framed art that doesn’t meet your space requirements, there are ways to adjust up or down by selecting a different frame. If you adore a piece that just isn’t large enough to look great on an open wall, you can add matting or a larger frame to extend the size and add some “weight”. You can trim a too-large piece with reverse measures – use less matting and a narrower frame.

Whether you are looking for a focal piece of Christian framed art or smaller pieces to enjoy, we invite you to investigate our selection of wall art at The Printery House. We have items for inside and outside your home that combine good taste and sincere words of faith. Then, follow design rules to make them look their best wherever you decide to hang them.

Creating a Space for Your Prayer Time: Religious Gift Stores Provide Help

Guardian Angel Prayer
Guardian Angel Prayer

Which Christian discipline is most challenging for you? For many people it is maintaining a regular prayer habit. As soon as the Christian decides to pray, it is remarkable how many undone and urgent tasks spring to mind. In our busy lives it can be hard to focus on a time of quiet and prayer.

If our Lord Jesus required time alone each day with His Father, we can expect to need no less. It is only as we fix our eyes and hearts on Christ in secret that we reflect Him out in public. How to overcome the challenges, then, becomes a significant question.

Creating Physical Space
Part of the answer could be as simple as creating a physical space for prayer. Choose a spot – one that is comfortable – and make it your designated place of meeting God in prayer. Be sure you choose a place where you can keep a cup of coffee handy.

Alertness is vital. It also helps to have space for your bible, pen and paper. It might be a comfy armchair with a good side table, a seat at the kitchen table or perhaps a desk in the study – it just needs to be set apart in your mind for Holy Communion. Some can have an early morning or late evening prayer appointment sitting in their beds, but this could be a place you find hard to focus on prayer if you begin to get tired.

Creating Spiritual Space
It can be nice to have some spiritual helps on hand. Devotional books, hymnals, rosaries or memory verse cards can be picked up at nearly all religious gift stores and can help keep your prayer times fresh and interesting. Staleness in prayer is a significant hurdle to overcome.

Browse through religious gift stores for books on the lives of the saints. No one was ever used greatly by God who did not meet regularly with God. Find out what these godly forebears had to say about their own prayer habits. Pray the prayers that they prayed.

Creating Schedule Space
Your calendar is jam-packed. You have hardly a spare moment to breathe. Yet you need time in prayer if you are to succeed as a Christian in all your scheduled activities. Ask God to show you where you can carve out a sacred time to spend with Him – an unbreakable appointment, some have called it. If you don’t schedule prayer – it won’t likely happen with regularity.

One day we will not need to retreat from the world in order to commune with Christ. One day He will be the sun in the center of our city. Until then, we must undertake to discipline our lives to make time for daily prayer. Religious gift stores like The Printery House want to help you. Visit us online and choose from the many prayer helps we have to offer. We are here to strengthen the church and the best means to that end is helping Christians become strong in prayer.

Fun Ways to Deliver a Gift of Catholic Religious Jewelry

Immaculate Conception Pendant
Immaculate Conception Pendant

The bible tells us that it is better to give than to receive. Giving gifts brings joy, it is a source of immense delight. Whatever the occasion, giving another person a tangible sign of your affection brings pleasure to the giver as well as the receiver. And, with a little creativity, it can be a whole lot of fun too. It’s all a matter of present-ation.

Let’s say you have decided to give a piece of Catholic religious jewelry in honor of a birthday, anniversary or confirmation. Here are a few ways to make your gift-giving even better. The mode of delivery is what makes the fun and can be tied to the kind of gift you are giving.

1. A Subtle Delivery
Subtlety can be fun. If you want your gift giving to be more private, then leave your beautifully wrapped Catholic religious jewelry on a bed pillow, breakfast plate or in the vitamin cabinet. You could put it on the driver’s seat in her car or leave it on the keyboard at her work computer. The surprise of finding a gift doubles the fun.

2. A Surprise Method Delivery
Any gift occasion is made more special when the one handing over the present is out-of-the-ordinary. Since you probably don’t have a castle page with a velvet pillow standing by, you’ll need to come up with your own special delivery method. Tie your gift around the neck of the family pooch. Have one of the children carry it in on a pillow, in a basket with a bow or atop a decorated cake.

3. A Treasure Hunt Delivery
Think of Russian nesting dolls and you’ll get the idea behind treasure hunt package delivery. It’s the wrapped box inside a wrapped box inside another wrapped box idea. The large wrapped box will throw your recipient way off-track until they get to the small jewelry-sized box deep within.

4. A Hide and Seek Delivery
Double the fun by turning your gift-giving into a game. The scavenger hunt approach is a time-tested way to make the joy last. Inside a nice card, give instructions that lead your recipient to the next clue. You can use riddles or make it plain – it’s all up to you. The final destination can be a party location or it could be somewhere for just the two of you. It depends on what event you are celebrating. Sometimes picture-taking is part of collecting clues, which makes a great memory page for the event.

If you have an upcoming event which requires a gift, think about giving Catholic religious jewelry. It’s a gift that says you love the whole person – body, soul and spirit. And when you come up with a creative delivery plan, your gift becomes that much more wonderful. At the Printery House, we have a selection of religious jewelry. We invite you to take a look. The unique presentation is up to you.