What Can a Wedding Cross Say to a Couple About Faith? Plenty

Wedding Wall Cross
Wedding Wall Cross

A study recently published from the University of Texas explores how faith plays a part in marriage, and comes with some surprising findings.

Three authors looked closely at rates of divorce across couples who associated with either Catholicism or Christianity, in addition to another study that looked at how regional perspectives on marriage may impact a couple’s wellbeing in conservative versus more liberal states. They concluded that factors like higher levels of cohabitating (based on decisions to forgo marriage) had a higher impact in more liberal states and could impact the actual divorce rates, even to the level of making liberal states appear to have lower divorce rates than conservative states.

A related study shows strikingly different results. Published from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, the study says that married men and women who had regular attendance at church as one of their activities were 34 percent less likely to experience divorce than those couples who didn’t attend church. For Catholic married couples, the results were much higher – 76 percent were concluded “less likely to divorce” as compared to other couples.

Even more, researchers concluded that actually attending church together seemed to make a bigger difference toward lowering divorce rates than did a couple merely having a religious “affiliation”. For younger couples, the study suggested that if they are “on the fence” about religion, it may become an area of trouble in the marriage because they don’t receive the support and positive outcomes of having a stronger church community – yet they are still influenced by religious ideas. Other couples cited said that church members’ support helped them manage tough times on many levels and may have also helped save them from divorce. (A great reminder of how faith-filled gifts, like a wedding cross or a devotional, can have a genuine impact as a couple journeys through their lives together).

If you’re thinking of attending a wedding or sharing a gift with a special couple, consider a handwritten note of advice that lets them know you’re there for them and on their side as they go through the ups and downs of marriage. You may also consider a wedding cross as a gift because it can serve of a lasting reminder that sharing the same love for Christ and the support of a church congregation can be a wonderful source of inspiration, peace and comfort. Find unique wedding crosses and beautiful hand-designed cards at The Printery House, where cards have been printed on-site for more than 60 years.