Christian Products That Make Great College Send-Off Gifts

Jerusalem Cross Key Ring
Jerusalem Cross Key Ring

Summer is winding down and that means that many college-age students are starting to pack up for another semester away from home – some of them for the very first time. Family and friends often want to send those young academics off with a little gift to remind them of home. The trick is finding a gift that is right for a student with limited space in a dorm room.

For Christian families, it will be just as important to send young students off with a reminder of their faith as it is to give them a gift that says “home”. Fortunately, there are more Christian products than ever from which you can choose.

Creating a Survival Kit
One fun idea is to put together a college survival kit. Your kit can contain all sorts of small presents that will mean the most to your college student. A home blend of coffee and a coffee mug with a scripture verse are great for those early morning classes or late night study sessions. Your kit might include some of mom’s homemade brownies to share with new dorm-mates or favorite fun-size candies.

Daily Devotions Made Easy
A small daily devotional is another great idea for kids who will have plenty of school reading to put away each week. Family members might decide to go through the same devotional so that they are able to “share” the experience with the child far away.

A Little Scripture to Stay Grounded
A small plaque with a bible verse that sits on an easel or hangs near the door can be a simple reminder that life is more than quarterly exams and GPAs. Lots of students find it fun to decorate their own “away from home” space – but reminders of the faith that has brought them this far can still be a part of that new identity.

A Place for Memories
Most young people post their pictures on social media these days, but it can still be a good idea to tuck a small photo album inside your survival kit. Someday they will want to be able to flip through their college years and walk down memory lane.

Other Christian products worth a spot in the kit include favorite music CDs, a Christian key ring, faith-based jewelry like a cross necklace or a pocket medallion or small journals and plenty of pens. Female students might enjoy a small figurine like a Willow Tree angel – there is even an Angel of Learning which would be right at home nestled on a dorm room windowsill.

If you are preparing to bid a college student farewell, grab some Christian products and put together your own survival kit soon. When you do, check out the products we offer at The Printery House – an online Christian gift store with many items perfect for your collection.