How a First Communion Catholic Tradition Can Spark Your Own Faith, Again

My First Communion Frame
My First Communion Frame

Celebrating a child’s first communion is a unique milestone. There are so many details to consider – the clothing, the rehearsals, the invitations to family and friends. Through it all, how can you help keep your child’s focus on the meaning of the event?

First, make sure that you talk about each of the steps of the first communion Catholic traditions together at home, using the words and phrases your child is used to hearing. Answer questions enthusiastically, even if it means you’re repeating a few times. Talk about your own first Communion experience and what it means to you.

If you have any special keepsakes from the event, share those and talk about them. You may have a piece of keepsake jewelry, a scrap of lace or a special bible. In fact, sharing a special gift with a child at their first Communion is a tradition that continues to hold value today. As they grow, you’ll know that they will remember how nothing in life matters more than acknowledging God’s love and sacrifice and keeping their faith at the center of their choices.

Be prepared that a child may have questions about the event for weeks or months following, as new thoughts and ideas come up. This is a great opportunity to deepen your faith, together. Remind the child that Christ waits and longs for each person to come to Him, regardless of being a child or an adult.

As an adult, let the wonder of first Communion remind you that there’s something truly miraculous that stirs inside when we believe in His life and His great sacrifice for us. Let the pure faith of children remind your of your own belief, and let this event have new meaning every time you attend one of these wonderful celebrations.

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