Fun Ways to Deliver a Gift of Catholic Religious Jewelry

Immaculate Conception Pendant
Immaculate Conception Pendant

The bible tells us that it is better to give than to receive. Giving gifts brings joy, it is a source of immense delight. Whatever the occasion, giving another person a tangible sign of your affection brings pleasure to the giver as well as the receiver. And, with a little creativity, it can be a whole lot of fun too. It’s all a matter of present-ation.

Let’s say you have decided to give a piece of Catholic religious jewelry in honor of a birthday, anniversary or confirmation. Here are a few ways to make your gift-giving even better. The mode of delivery is what makes the fun and can be tied to the kind of gift you are giving.

1. A Subtle Delivery
Subtlety can be fun. If you want your gift giving to be more private, then leave your beautifully wrapped Catholic religious jewelry on a bed pillow, breakfast plate or in the vitamin cabinet. You could put it on the driver’s seat in her car or leave it on the keyboard at her work computer. The surprise of finding a gift doubles the fun.

2. A Surprise Method Delivery
Any gift occasion is made more special when the one handing over the present is out-of-the-ordinary. Since you probably don’t have a castle page with a velvet pillow standing by, you’ll need to come up with your own special delivery method. Tie your gift around the neck of the family pooch. Have one of the children carry it in on a pillow, in a basket with a bow or atop a decorated cake.

3. A Treasure Hunt Delivery
Think of Russian nesting dolls and you’ll get the idea behind treasure hunt package delivery. It’s the wrapped box inside a wrapped box inside another wrapped box idea. The large wrapped box will throw your recipient way off-track until they get to the small jewelry-sized box deep within.

4. A Hide and Seek Delivery
Double the fun by turning your gift-giving into a game. The scavenger hunt approach is a time-tested way to make the joy last. Inside a nice card, give instructions that lead your recipient to the next clue. You can use riddles or make it plain – it’s all up to you. The final destination can be a party location or it could be somewhere for just the two of you. It depends on what event you are celebrating. Sometimes picture-taking is part of collecting clues, which makes a great memory page for the event.

If you have an upcoming event which requires a gift, think about giving Catholic religious jewelry. It’s a gift that says you love the whole person – body, soul and spirit. And when you come up with a creative delivery plan, your gift becomes that much more wonderful. At the Printery House, we have a selection of religious jewelry. We invite you to take a look. The unique presentation is up to you.