Letter Writing is Back: Send a Christian Greeting Card Today

The Grace of the Lord Jesus Be With You
The Grace of the Lord Jesus Be With You

Yes, you can read your friend’s latest Facebook posting instantly. Presto, you know where they spent their summer holiday. You, and about a thousand others. If social media disperses more personal information than ever before, it also has deprived many of meaningful personal (private) interactions. That the world still yearns for those personal interactions can be seen by a new wave of letter-writing that is splashing up on shores all around the globe.

Once a year in Britain they celebrate the Month of Letters. The Month of Letters is a campaign which challenges people to send out a letter, Christian greeting card or any kind of personal note via mail every day during the month.

One British online editor gave out her post office box number and a promise to compose a hand-written note to whoever would write to her. In no time, nearly 200 letters arrived from all around the world. The stamps, stationary and interesting missives were a treat – and a sign that hunger for letter writing has not disappeared.

A similar effort in Canada goes by the title League of Extraordinary Pen Pals. The group uses a social media site to connect potential pen pals from everywhere. Just like in Britain, a couple of hundred letter-writers responded very quickly to the invitation to take part.

The rapid and significant response to such formats reveals that letter-writing remains a welcome way to connect with people no matter where they live. Obviously, the ability to communicate digitally with people around the corner or around the world has not replaced the pleasure of sending and receiving hand-written cards and letters.

In fact, making time to write a personal note in a Christian greeting card or on home-crafted stationary can be a welcome reprieve from the online world. The entire process is more personal. From your choice of stationary to the individuality of your penmanship to the kinds of things you say in a letter – a greater degree of intimacy occurs.

That searching has made letter-writing a resurging art. The well-respected U.S. business source The Wall Street Journal, reports that office supply companies who have enlarged their investment in personal stationary have also enlarged their profits (five times faster than the S&P 500). The amazing ability to see and read and “get inside” so many places via the Internet has not satisfied people’s need to touch others in a more personal way.

So whether you decide to join a pen-pal group or commit to write a note each day for a month or simply send a Christian greeting card instead of a text or email – come ride the wave with others also seeking to re-connect. The Printery House wants to help. We have a wide array of note cards and personalized stationary waiting to be filled with your words to someone who will be encouraged by your words.