How to Tips For Displaying Christian Framed Art

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Bidden or not bidden

Choosing the artwork for your home is a major decision. Many Christians enjoy mixing their personal decorating style with expressions of faith. Christian framed art offers a great way to blend personal taste and convictions. People typically are careful about making a purchase of wall art, but not as much thought always goes into how that art is displayed. A few important design tips can make your choice look better than you ever imagined.

Tall Rectangle or Wide Square Size
The first mistake buyers often make is related to size. Keep in mind that narrow wall spaces call for vertically proportioned artworks. If you have a wide, blank wall, a more squared piece will look best. And your framed art will look best if it covers no more than two-thirds of the available wall space.

Easy on the Eyes
Be sure to place your framed artwork at a comfortable level for viewing. The rule of thumb for wall placement is “eye-level”. The focal point of the piece (or the center of any grouping) should be hung at eye level as you stand in the middle of the room. Design experts say that 5’7” represents the average eye-level for an adult male.

Of course, when you are placing Christian framed art over furniture, such as a sofa, eye-level will need to be adjusted downward. Always allow 10” of space between the top of your furniture and the bottom of the frame. The two-third rule applies here as well. Artwork should consume only two-thirds of available space behind your furniture.

Grouping Rules
If you have several framed pieces you want to hang in a grouping, a few basic rules apply.

1. Place larger pieces in the top part of the grouping and smaller pieces at the bottom. 2. Consider having frames in the top row align evenly.
3. Arrange pieces so that they also line up in the middle.
4. Three similar-size pieces can be hung horizontally in a row on a larger wall or vertically on a narrower wall.
5. Hallways can look great with a gallery motif. Hang all pieces at gallery height (5’).
6. On a stairway, artwork may be staggered to create visual appeal and orderliness.

If you find a piece of Christian framed art that doesn’t meet your space requirements, there are ways to adjust up or down by selecting a different frame. If you adore a piece that just isn’t large enough to look great on an open wall, you can add matting or a larger frame to extend the size and add some “weight”. You can trim a too-large piece with reverse measures – use less matting and a narrower frame.

Whether you are looking for a focal piece of Christian framed art or smaller pieces to enjoy, we invite you to investigate our selection of wall art at The Printery House. We have items for inside and outside your home that combine good taste and sincere words of faith. Then, follow design rules to make them look their best wherever you decide to hang them.