First Communion for Your Child

Sacraments of Initiation Keepsake Box
Sacraments of Initiation Keepsake Box

First Communion is an important milestone in your child’s spiritual journey. You want this event to be meaningful to your child and not just a ritual to be gone through. The trick is how to make a spiritual practice – like taking communion – as understandable as possible to a young mind. You won’t be able to explain it exhaustively, of course, but you can explain it sufficiently. Here are some suggestions to help prepare your child’s appreciation for the beauty of First Communion.

1. Fellowship
So much of human relationship happen around food. Talk to your child about how meals shared as a family or with friends and even strangers helps to forge a connection between people. This happens when we meet around the communion table too. We share a meal with fellow Christians and strengthen our family bond. But we are also sharing the meal with Christ and taking part in First Communion is a new opportunity for your child to deepen fellowship with Him. As we think on Him and His love sacrifice for us, we are drawn closer to Him.

2. Breaking of Bread
It can be helpful to point out to your child how, as humans, we eat at regular intervals. Children are capable of understanding the way their physical body needs food in order to function. You can explain communion as a scheduled spiritual meal that strengthens us to function as Christians as we remember Christ. We don’t see with our eyes how the food we eat is converted to energy, but we know it is. We can be just as certain that Communion can strengthen us in our faith as we focus on Christ and what He did for us during that time.

3. Celebration
When we speak about communion we use verbs like share and partake, but most often we celebrate. The communion meal is a feast of joy because of what has been accomplished through the sacrifice of Jesus. This meal reminds us of what has been done for us, but it is also a way to celebrate that victory. It is also a time to look forward to Christ’s return and the great supper scheduled in the future. The joyful communion time is a tiny glimpse into the tremendous promise ahead of us. Tell your child that their

First Communion is not only a time to repent from sin, but a chance to celebrate forgiveness and the many blessings forgiveness brings. First Communion is a significant event. In order to appreciate it, your child will need your help to understand the many facets of its beauty. If you are looking for gifts to celebrate a child’s First Communion, check out the gifts and cards available through The Printery House.