Small Religious Gifts Received Unexpectedly Can Make a Big Difference

Wings Like Eagles
Wings Like Eagles

Philippians 2:4 says Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. One of the ways we can look to the interests of others is by looking for ways to demonstrate unlooked-for care. Random acts of love and kindness toward people inside and outside of the church are ways we can share God’s love with those around us.

Here are a few suggestions for ways you can reach out and give unexpectedly to show someone you care:

1. Give Small Religious Gifts on Holidays
Gift-giving says “I was thinking about you when we were apart”. It isn’t hard to become a person who gives gifts and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Small gifts like a bookmark, a pocket prayer medallion or a prayer journal cost little but convey a lot. Consider giving religious gifts not only for obvious holidays like birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries, but also on unexpected holidays too – Thanksgiving, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day…..

2. Send Cards For All Reasons or no Reason
You don’t have to buy a present in order to show interest in others. Cards are a great way to show love and concern. Send a card if someone was not at church, if they have a child starting school, when they are beginning a new job or because you want to let them know you prayed for them. Send a thank you card to military personnel. Write a note to the pastor telling him how his message sharpened your faith. Tell a co-worker how their cheerfulness helps you stay motivated.

3. Offer Everyone a Smile
Speaking of cheerfulness, even if you never buy a gift or send a card, you can still brighten other people’s day with a big smile and a friendly greeting. When we are swallowed in the well of our own concerns and sorrows, we forget to encourage others. Maybe that is one reason why Jesus tells us to cast all our cares on Him….so that we are unburdened of self and are free to be other-focused. You would be surprised how a big smile and a happy hello can affect others.

4. Truly Random Kindness
The whole pay-it-forward concept can help you maintain another mindset. Pay for an extra coffee in the drive-through. Leave a gift card with a note taped saying it is a random gift in the public bathroom. Take a bible or Christian book to the nursing home and ask the staff to give it to someone who could use it.

Small religious gifts are one way to look to the interests of others. Check out a large variety of religious gifts at The Printery House and start looking for ways to sow them into the lives of others. Then watch as a harvest of righteousness grows. He who refreshes others, will himself be refreshed Proverbs 11:25.