Using Decorative Crosses to Give Your Home a Personal Touch

Rustic Cast Iron Crosses
Rustic Cast Iron Crosses

When it comes to decorating a Christian home, decorative crosses signify the story of Christian faith and are a good reminder of what your life is to be centered around. Beyond that, they can add a traditional, eclectic touch to any room in your home when displayed on a prominent wall or in a doorway.

Historically, decorative crosses are hung on doors to act as an indicator of a family’s faith or belief systems, but recently, they have become decorative tools in a whole new way, as some modern designers are arranging multiple crosses of different shapes and sizes in a cluster as a sort of focal point on large living and dining room walls. If you’re looking to use decorative crosses in your own home, either in a sentimental display or in a modern cross collage, here are some ways to use them:

Pick a Prominent Spot in Your Home and Hang Your Favorite Cross There

Sometimes, the simplest displays are the most beautiful. If you have a beautiful antique cross or a family one that was passed down to you, you probably don’t want to clutter it or steal its attention by hanging it up with a grouping of crosses that don’t have the same sentimental value. To let a special decorative cross you love take center stage, pick a wall in your home where it can easily be seen and hang it up right in the middle. Depending on its size, you can also put the cross inside of a pretty, ornate frame to give it even more of a spotlight.

Gather Your Crosses and Display Them Together on the Wall

If you want a statement wall filled with crosses that look thrown together and eclectic, you first need to gather all the crosses you want to tack up onto the wall. Look at antique stores and local craft stores. Flip through home décor magazines and browse online. The more different the crosses are from each other the more unique your end result will look. Once the crosses are collected, begin to think about how you want to arrange them on the wall. Do you want them to be lined up in rows or strewn haphazardly along the wall? Once you decide, nail them to the wall in a group and you have instant focal wall.

Display Your Crosses With Special Family Heirlooms

Another option for showing off your decorative crosses is to accompany them with things that mean a lot to you personally. Hang a cross up on the wall next to your marriage certificate or your baby’s birth announcement. Write your favorite Bible verse on a piece of paper and tuck it into one side of a decorative cross after you hang it up. Frame a special photograph and put it near your favorite cross. Doing this shows that your faith is linked to special events and people in your life, which is paramount in Christian culture.

Decorative crosses provide an easy, meaningful way to fill the walls of your home. At The Printery House, we specialize is providing you with decorative elements that are just as special to us as they will become to you. We produce beautiful, intricate crosses that can be displayed in your home as a constant reminder of the Christian faith and what it means to you.