Month: November 2014

How Shopping Online Can Save Your Christmas Season

"Nativity Light" Votive Holder
“Nativity Light” Votive Holder

The Christmas season is upon us. Carolers are practicing their vocal harmonies, shops are gearing up for the mad dash to the stores and families are booking flights and planning road trips so that they can be together during the holidays. The holiday season, even with all its Christmas cheer, can get stressful, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for the ones you love. That’s why shopping online might be your best bet and The Printery House can help.

For Christians, the Christmas season carries a lot of weight. After all, it is this holiday that is nationally celebrated as the birthdate of Jesus. A day this special deserves a lot of attention and time spent with the ones you treasure the most. So when you go out in search of the right gift to give the special people in your life, why not give them a religious gift, a gift that celebrates the real reason for the Christmas season?

You can purchase items like candle holders, Bibles, books, mugs, or holy relic art prints to give to the people in your life that you share your Christian faith with. These Christian gifts will be more than material items to those that receive them. They will be heartfelt and sincere representations of your faith and of what the people you gift them to mean to you.

Once you do your shopping online, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare some inexpensive, thoughtful gifts as well. Make some bread from scratch and leave it on the doorsteps of your neighbors or close friends as a sweet little surprise. Write a loving note to the ones you love and attach a bite-size chocolate bar to the envelope. Plan an impromptu visit with a friend or family member you don’t get to see often because the best presents are sometimes just your presence alone, and in some cases, the most thoughtful gifts in the world cost the least amount of money.

When you choose to go the route of shopping online, you save lots of time. With that extra time to spare, you can volunteer with the Salvation Army by ringing a bell in a Santa hat and collecting money to help those in need. Look through the clothing items around your house and consider donating any cold weather items like hats or coats that no longer fit the members of your family to Goodwill or to families in need that you know. Shopping online can free you up to do a lot of other life-impacting things to help the world around you.

If you do your shopping online at The Printery House, you can find a lot of heartfelt, Christian gifts to give to those that mean the most to you. The Printery House has everything, from framed verses and religious sayings to Christmas ornaments to beautiful nativity scenes to cards to send out in the mail. All of these items can be purchased online and shipped right to your door, which will help you have a relaxed, stress-free Christmas season.

Giving the Gift of Love Through Religious Christmas Cards

Peace Doves
Peace Doves

Everyone wants to know that they are thought of and appreciated, especially during the Christmas season, a time when family members can’t always be together, no matter how much they wish that they could be. Sometimes, in these cases, a thoughtful act can really help spread the love during Christmastime and help solidify a giving spirit from within your family. Taking the time to put others before ourselves is an important way to connect ourselves to the world around us and show that we are willing to put the needs and desires of other people above our own.

A heartfelt note of love or appreciation received in the mail can go a long way. So can a freshly baked plate of cookies or time spent reading the Christmas story to an elderly person at a nursing home. Showing your kids from a young age how important it is to give rather than receive can turn your Christmas season into a charitable one. Volunteering can do a lot for a person’s soul, making them feel needed and helpful.

For servicemen who are overseas and away from their families during the holidays, religious Christmas cards scribbled on the inside with the thoughtful words of a young child can really warm their hearts when they may be feeling lonely. A perfect way to show goodwill towards men during the holidays could be for you to order some religious Christmas cards and allow your children to write sweet, compassionate messages to soldiers in combat during the Christmas season. Teaching your children to think of others first, especially during a season associated with giving and thoughtfulness helps them learn about giving back.

For Christians, the reason for the season is Jesus, so sharing your faith and opening your heart at the same time is a good way to spread Christmas cheer. Religious Christmas cards come from the heart, as the words written within them are up to you and can be just what the person receiving them on the other end needs to hear.

The Printery House offers a whole line of religious Christmas cards that can be used to brighten up the Christmas experience of those that mean the most to you this year. They can be taped on top of a Tupperware dish filled with cookies that you give to a local orphanage or to a friendly neighbor, slipped into an envelope and mailed to a faraway family member or serviceman, or stuffed into a gift bag along with a thoughtful gift for a person you truly love. Choosing to fill your Christmas season with a spirit of love and giving can unite your family and give your children a holiday experience that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Let The Printery House Help You Make Advent Meaningful and Stress-Free

Tidings of Joy Fabric Advent Calendar
Tidings of Joy Fabric Advent Calendar

Easter and Christmas are important holidays on the church calendar. You want your home to reflect their meaning and importance. Yet sometimes, the desire to make the holidays understood and celebrated can itself become a source of stress. There are so many ways to celebrate Advent, for instance, that a family can be overwhelmed wondering which are best.

At The Printery House we want to encourage you to relax this year. Trust that God will use and bless even the smallest effort to make His coming special. Here are some simple ideas that you can use to help make the Advent season a special time in your home.

1. Make an Advent Prayer Chain
This season, cut strips of whatever color paper you choose. Have your children write out prayer requests on a strip each day and then pray together. You could pray for people far away, people near, and for yourselves. When Christmas arrives, you will have a long and lovely chain to hang on the tree or mantle and many weeks of family prayer.

2. Christmas Books Make a Special Appearance
Develop a collection of Christmas books that only come out during Advent each year. These books can line the mantel or hearth or could be set up down the stairs. Choose one book each week (maybe at Sunday dinner) to read. Add to your collection each year.

The Printery House offers several books that would fit the bill. Guess Who’s Coming for Christmas is a booklet for young children designed for reading through the Advent season. Christmas Tree Blessing tells the story of the Christmas tree and includes a special prayer to bless the tree and even a song to sing together.

3. Let the Kids be Re-Enactors
Several times read the Christmas story to your children. It may be best to use a Children’s bible with youngsters. Have your nativity set on hand and let the kids act out the story as you read. Children will want to take turns acting out different characters in the story week by week.

4. Learn an Advent Hymn
There are hymns written in celebration of the Lord’s birth. Christmas carols and hymns are only sung for a few weeks each year. Why not spend some time singing these songs at home during the season? You could sing a song such as O Come, O Come Immanuel each Sunday of Advent. By the time Christmas arrives, young voices will be able to sing along in church.

5. Advent Calendars
Advent calendars are tried and true ways to help your family stay focused on the coming of Jesus at Christmas. The Printery House offers several types of calendars – some have windows, some have stickers, but all are fun and can help your family celebrate the special season.

6. Special Sunday Dinners
It’s never too early to introduce an advent wreath, even if you don’t do all of the readings and activities with young children. During Advent, make Sunday dinners special with candlelight and the lighting of the Advent candle. You could read small sections of the Christmas story, sing a Christmas carol or offer a special Advent prayer.

When it comes to family worship, more isn’t always better. Consistency is what counts. You can make Advent special without a lot of stress. God can be trusted to bless your efforts. At The Printery House, we want to help you make this Advent meaningful. Choose one or two ideas and implement them and see how God multiplies the investment.

Christian Gifts and Just Fun Gifts for Your Mother-in-Law This Christmas

Creation of the Birds Silk Square
Creation of the Birds Silk Square

There’s always at least one person on every Christmas list for whom it is tough to come up with a sure win gift. Mothers-in-law often occupy this spot on the list. She may not be the person you have trouble shopping for, but if she is here are a few suggestions for the perfect Christmas gift for your mother-in-law:

  1. Make a Memory for Her
    Just about any mother-in-law will melt into tears of joy to find that you’ve scheduled a family photograph session. It could be with a professional photographer or it could be with a friend of the family who’s pretty good behind the lens, but if you do all the arranging, she will be thrilled. Select the time, the place, the clothing or color scheme so all she has to do is show up. This is a winner.
  1. Make Her Feel Beautiful
    If your mother-in-law is a woman who likes to feel in step with the latest trends and fashions then that is a clue as to what will really make her smile on Christmas morning. Look for the newest beauty product or beauty gadget. Maybe there is a new craze in nail polish, lipstick or bronzing – buy it for her and keep her on the cutting edge where she wants to be. Tuck in a copy of Proverbs 31 and let her know that you think she has that sort of beauty too.
  1. Make Some Kitchen Fun
    If your mother-in-law loves the Food Network or bakes lots of meals and treats for people anyway – give her something that will make it even more fun. Stroll through the fancy kitchen stores and look for things she might never spend money on for herself. Wrap them up in a cookie sheet liner, a terrific apron or a few thirsty dish towels.
  1. Make a Working Woman Image
    When your other mom is a working woman, help her look her best behind the desk. Get her a really fabulous scarf, an understated necklace, or a beautiful pen. Or…treat her to a mani-pedi or a massage at the spa. In her gift box, list some of the hard-working women in the Bible – Deborah, Miriam, Lydia, Phoebe, Priscilla – put her name on the list too. Christian gifts can be anything given with a spiritual intent.
  1. Make a Date (or several) on a Calendar
    Why not give her a new Christian calendar in which you’ve already penned in several family get-togethers and events? It could be Sunday dinners or a weekend away at the lake or a day at the zoo. It really depends on how close you live – the idea is to have set aside several times in the coming year to be with her. Include a line from Ecclesiastes about there being a time for everything under heaven.
  1. Make Her Reader’s Heart Happy
    Some moms are avid readers. Among the many Christian gifts you could give her, don’t overlook the gift of edifying reading. Choose a couple of books you know she’ll enjoy and tuck a pretty bookmark in each one. If you are crafty – make a bookmark and have the grandkids sign it!

The Printery House offers many gifts that would be make a perfect gift for your mother-in-law. Mothers-in-law are part of the glue that holds families together. Celebrate yours this Christmas with a gift that is fun and commends her as a woman of faith at the same time.