Catholic Greeting Cards Can Help Develop a Thanksgiving Attitude

God Blesses Autumn
God Blesses Autumn

Thanksgiving Day will soon be here. Will you be ready? Not just ready with recipes and tablecloths and artful centerpieces – but ready in your heart? Will you be ready to make the day a concert of praise to the Giver of all good gifts? And, beyond that, will you be ready to encourage a sincere Thanksgiving attitude around your holiday table? Here are some suggestions for Thanksgiving traditions that focus on gratitude.

1. Make a List, Check it Twice
One way to stop and thank God for His manifold blessings is to write them down in list form. This year, why not put a pretty piece of paper and a pencil at each place around the table. Tell your guests at the beginning of the meal that this is their opportunity to compose a list of 10 reasons they are thankful.

2. A Thank You Box
Find small boxes. These can be very simple and very small. The idea is to give one to each person at your Thanksgiving table. Let them know this is their Thank You box to put on their bedside table. Each night before they turn off the light, the gift box will remind them to Thank God for the gifts of the day.

3. For the Beauty of the Earth
Plan at least a few minutes of outdoor time this Thanksgiving. A group walk is even better. Make sure each person finds one reason to Thank God for the glorious earth He has given.

4. Give Catholic Greeting Cards
Another way to help develop the Thanksgiving attitude is to give each of your guests a box of Thank You cards. We can all be thankful for family, people who love us and those who include us. Those folks should hear from us how thankful we are for them. Catholic greeting cards make it easy to tell others we appreciate them. If you want to tie a page of stamps to each box of Catholic greeting cards it can count as a Christmas gift.

5. Send Catholic Greeting Cards
If you’ve never browsed through the selection of Thanksgiving cards available at The Printery House then you’ve missed out. Our site offers truly beautiful illuminated cards, cards with a prayer, cards with a psalm or cards with words from traditional Thanksgiving hymnody. We have cute cards, photo cards and cards with scripture. You likely won’t have everyone important to you at your Thanksgiving table – so send them a Thanksgiving card. You’ll be amazed how taking the time to thank people for their contribution to your life will prepare your own heart for sincere thanks on the Big Day.

6. Compose a Thankful Prayer
Most guests won’t mind if you take the time to offer a prayer before the Thanksgiving meal. Spend some time composing this prayer. Your prayer could include thanks for loved ones, food and shelter but it could also offer gratitude for our national roots and our spiritual roots as Christians.

This Thanksgiving, be prepared. Prepare your own heart by practicing thankfulness ahead of time. Then, help others do the same after Thanksgiving Day. And when you want to send Catholic greeting cards – check out The Printery House online for a wide selection of Thanksgiving cards.