Month: November 2014

Bringing the Right Baptism Gifts to the Party

Baptism Gifts 3
Sacraments of Initiation Keepsake Box

A child’s baptism is an important milestone, which makes celebrating its significance important. The party that follows a baptismal ceremony is filled with love, laughter, and family members all joined together for the same reason, the little person who went through a new life ceremony on that day. When it comes to baptism gifts, it can be hard to know what would be appropriate or appreciated. You want your gift to be heartfelt and something that can be treasured.

Keep it Simple

Heartfelt baptism gifts don’t have to be ornate or expensive. Sometimes a thoughtful card or a bouquet of beautiful flowers can do the trick. Something as simple as a keepsake box filled with family heirlooms, candies, or a handwritten letter is all it takes to show how much this special day means.

Know That Sometimes, the Best Gift is You

Gift giving isn’t really about the gift itself. It’s about the thought behind the gift. A child’s baptism is a sacred day and you just being a part of it is special. Give a heartfelt card or a simple hand –written note as a meaningful gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Do Some Research

If you know the parents of the child well, ask what types of things the child may need or want for a baptism gift. Maybe the child is in need of a Bible or some other religious text that they could always remember as a gift from you. Ask about family traditions or special prayers or songs and consider framing up a special text like this for the child.

Find a Religious Gift

By default, baptisms are divine acts of worship to God. When parents decide to baptize a child, or when a child decides he or she is ready to be baptized, it is a sanctified ceremony where the child is being cleansed and dedicated to God. For this reason, purchasing a religious gift for a child who is celebrating this momentous occasion is the perfect idea. A book of prayers, a simple cross necklace, or a picture frame to put a picture from the child’s baptism day are all good options if you want your gift to nod toward the religious decision of engaging in baptism.

Baptism gifts are special because they forever commemorate a day that a child and his or her loved ones will always hold dear, the day they officially committed their lives to the Lord. Lots of photos, a special party and the joining of many friends and family will accompany this day. When it comes to making this day count with thoughtful baptism gifts, the Printery House has you covered. We sell greeting cards tailor-made for this occasion, as well as religious gifts like keepsake boxes, picture frames and jewelry. Come to us for you all your baptism gifts needs, so that you can stop worrying about the gift and start focusing on the joy of your loved one’s baptism.

Relying on the Christian Store to get Thanksgiving-Ready

For You at Thanksgiving
For You at Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, families are gearing up for a hearty, delicious meal, lots of laughs with the ones they love, and thinking long and hard about all the many things they have to be thankful for. Every family has their own set of Thanksgiving traditions and for a religious family, a Christian store can help with the ones that already exist and help with a few new traditions too.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for all the blessings we have, and the blessings that were bestowed upon us by God. This is why one of the most common Thanksgiving traditions is so important to most of us, the act of getting together with those we hold dear and eating a meal around the same table. Thanksgiving dinners are a staple for most families nationwide and getting these tables Thanksgiving ready starts at the Christian store.

The table is set with beautiful place settings, complete with matching silverware and your grandma’s best China. But there may also be candles, burning bright and filling the room with a delectable scent like cinnamon or vanilla. There may be figurines or statues adorning the table as well. Christians are thankful that God gifted them things like their spouses, children, parents, homes and secure careers. Showing that thanks by filling the table with religious figurines and icons is a key component to the holiday for many families.

Celebrating Thanksgiving on a personal level is important too. Consider penning your thoughts on thankfulness on a nice stationery set. Allowing yourself to sit down and write down what you’re thankful for can be as therapeutic as it is deeply beneficial. Thankfulness starts from within and in order for it to be shared to the fullest, it must first be expressed internally.

Though taking time to be introspective about Thanksgiving and what it means to you personally is important, the holiday is ultimately meant to be shared with those that mean the most to you. Some people choose to purchase greeting cards and fill them with thanks, handing them out to those in their lives that they are grateful to have in their corners. These little notes of appreciation are all over the Christian store around Thanksgiving season and can even be purchased with pre-written, grateful messages inside.

Are you planning a big Thanksgiving day affair, complete with close family and close friends? Consider purchasing a set of invitations from a Christian store for your Thanksgiving feast. Opening up your home to those that mean the most to you is a perfect and simple way to show gratitude and love.

At the Printery House, we manufacture a variety of things that you might need for a joyful day of thanks, from greeting cards to candles to religious décor. Look no further than us for all your Thanksgiving needs and remember that a thankful heart is a happy heart. Share your Thanksgiving with the ones you love and let us help you fill it with beautiful, heartfelt keepsakes that you and your loved ones will always remember.

Sending Catholic Christmas Cards: Continuing the Tradition

Abbey Prayer for Christmas
Abbey Prayer for Christmas

Yes, it’s still gloriously Fall. The gold and amber of autumn hasn’t yet faded to winter grey. So why should you be thinking of Christmas cards now? It seems in this digital age many families are disposing of the practice of sending actual Christmas cards. But there are several good reasons for continuing the tradition of mailing out Christmas cards.

1. Cards are Expressions of Love
It may be easier to shoot out an e-card, but that’s just the point. Sitting down to address a real card and even include a personal line or two takes time. It’s an investment made in relationship. Actual cards are gifts and they do a great job of expressing sincere love – especially in an electronic environment.

2. Catholic Christmas Cards are Expressions of Faith
Christmas time is a natural time to bear witness to the hope that is in you. Sending friends and loved ones or even casual friends and co-workers a faith-based card is great way to celebrate the season and the truth that guides your life. The Printery House offers a wide selection of Catholic Christmas cards to suit every taste or need. There is a collection of Abbey Christmas Prayer cards made onsite at Conception Abbey and each of which contains a prayer composed by the monks of the order. There are also cards based on classic works of art depicting the birth of Christ along with more contemporary designs. This is a time to celebrate what it means to be a believer!

3. Cards are Symbols of Celebration
Years ago many homes hung the cards received from loved ones on a string of holiday garland. Christmas cards were part of the holiday décor. Others tape cards on the front door or refrigerator during the season. A collection of cards adds to the atmosphere of rejoicing.

A few guidelines:

  • Consider mailing cards at least to close friends and family members. You don’t have to be a letter-writer, but a couple of personal lines will make the card precious to the recipients.
  • Think about sending Catholic Christmas cards to people who sent you a card last Christmas. One family keeps the cards they receive in a basket on the meal table and prays for each person or family represented throughout the year. Wouldn’t you like to be in their basket?
  • Family newsletters are not taboo, but keep in mind that less is more, and only mail them to people you know are truly interested. Beware of using them to boast.
  • Send out cards earlier rather than later. The USPS suggests mailing cards at least 20 days in advance. Thanksgiving week is not too soon. On the other hand, some families enjoy mailing cards later during the 12 days of Christmas. Just be sure that recipients understand what you are about and don’t mistakenly suppose they were an afterthought.

Keep the tradition of Christmas cards alive. Visit us at The Printery House and check out our extensive variety of Catholic Christmas cards. You’ll be glad you did and so will the people who receive them!

Catholic Greeting Cards Can Help Develop a Thanksgiving Attitude

God Blesses Autumn
God Blesses Autumn

Thanksgiving Day will soon be here. Will you be ready? Not just ready with recipes and tablecloths and artful centerpieces – but ready in your heart? Will you be ready to make the day a concert of praise to the Giver of all good gifts? And, beyond that, will you be ready to encourage a sincere Thanksgiving attitude around your holiday table? Here are some suggestions for Thanksgiving traditions that focus on gratitude.

1. Make a List, Check it Twice
One way to stop and thank God for His manifold blessings is to write them down in list form. This year, why not put a pretty piece of paper and a pencil at each place around the table. Tell your guests at the beginning of the meal that this is their opportunity to compose a list of 10 reasons they are thankful.

2. A Thank You Box
Find small boxes. These can be very simple and very small. The idea is to give one to each person at your Thanksgiving table. Let them know this is their Thank You box to put on their bedside table. Each night before they turn off the light, the gift box will remind them to Thank God for the gifts of the day.

3. For the Beauty of the Earth
Plan at least a few minutes of outdoor time this Thanksgiving. A group walk is even better. Make sure each person finds one reason to Thank God for the glorious earth He has given.

4. Give Catholic Greeting Cards
Another way to help develop the Thanksgiving attitude is to give each of your guests a box of Thank You cards. We can all be thankful for family, people who love us and those who include us. Those folks should hear from us how thankful we are for them. Catholic greeting cards make it easy to tell others we appreciate them. If you want to tie a page of stamps to each box of Catholic greeting cards it can count as a Christmas gift.

5. Send Catholic Greeting Cards
If you’ve never browsed through the selection of Thanksgiving cards available at The Printery House then you’ve missed out. Our site offers truly beautiful illuminated cards, cards with a prayer, cards with a psalm or cards with words from traditional Thanksgiving hymnody. We have cute cards, photo cards and cards with scripture. You likely won’t have everyone important to you at your Thanksgiving table – so send them a Thanksgiving card. You’ll be amazed how taking the time to thank people for their contribution to your life will prepare your own heart for sincere thanks on the Big Day.

6. Compose a Thankful Prayer
Most guests won’t mind if you take the time to offer a prayer before the Thanksgiving meal. Spend some time composing this prayer. Your prayer could include thanks for loved ones, food and shelter but it could also offer gratitude for our national roots and our spiritual roots as Christians.

This Thanksgiving, be prepared. Prepare your own heart by practicing thankfulness ahead of time. Then, help others do the same after Thanksgiving Day. And when you want to send Catholic greeting cards – check out The Printery House online for a wide selection of Thanksgiving cards.