Religious Christmas Cards That Celebrate the Christmas Tree

Prepare the Way of the Lord
Prepare the Way of the Lord

The evergreen with its unchanging verdant appearance even in deepest winter has for a long time been a symbol of eternal life, but it has only been associated with the Christian celebration of Christmas since the gospel came to Europe.

The Tree is an Ancient Symbol
Church fathers in ancient Rome decried the use of evergreen because of its association with Emperor worship. However, by the time the first missionaries arrived in Germany attitudes had begun to shift. Later, in the 1500s, Christmas trees came to be associated with the remembrance of Jesus’ birth. It is believed this came about because part of the Christmas celebration hearkened back to the Creation story complete with a Paradise Tree decorated with fruit. As these public plays linking Creation and Christmas were outlawed, people simply brought their beloved Paradise Tree into the privacy of their homes. Over time, the fruit ornaments were exchanged for wafer cookies imitating the communion wafer.

The Tree Enters Mainstream Christianity
Early church leaders worried that the tree took attention away from Jesus, but popular culture traditions are hard to overcome. Trees remained popular and eventually started appearing even inside the church. The reformer Martin Luther approved of trees and the emphasis on lights in a world of darkness. It was around this time that the trees also became commonly associated with gift-giving. Christian gift-giving at Christmas is most often traced to a Turkish bishop named St Nicholas who is remembered for giving presents to children of the poor.

The Christmas tree is now one of the most iconic symbols of this major Christian holiday. Yet, even though Christmas trees are ubiquitous, few know the story behind them. What fun to send religious Christmas cards that celebrate this long-standing Christmas symbol. The Printery House offers several religious Christmas cards which celebrate the tree.

The Christmas Tree
This attractive card includes the Legend of the Christmas Tree on the inside. Legend says that the Paradise Tree was cursed by Adam and Eve’s sin but was restored to life on the night of Jesus’ birth.

The Blessing of the Christmas Tree
This card carries a trendy Christmas tree design which is filled with a prayer of blessing for the Christmas tree.

Tis the Season
Perfect for your north Atlantic island friends or anyone who appreciates Irish art. The cleverly designed tree is actually constructed of Celtic knots.

See What Love the Father has Given Us
This beautiful Christmas card front bears a colorful Christmas tree with a superimposed image of the Nativity.

Jesus came to earth at Christmas to bring eternal life. It is fitting to honor His unending life and love with a green tree in winter. This year, send religious Christmas cards which celebrate the tree as a symbol of the Lord.