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Soothing Rhythms and Melodies

Looking for some soothing sacred melodies? The St. Augustine Indian Mission may have just what you’re looking for . An accomplished player of the Native American flute, Father David Korth gives comfort to the soul and blesses the listener with a different kind of worship and praise. After hearing him play the flute publicly for the first time, a parishioner asked him who his instructor was. When Fr. Dave, as he is known, mentioned that he was self-taught, the parishioner said, “It comes to you naturally. That means the Creator wants you to pray to Him this way.” Now, Fr. Korth views the music he produces on the flute as spontaneous prayers.

cdsThe Printery House offers three of Fr. Korth’s CDs and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these CDs supports the St. Augustine Indian Mission, a K-8 grade school in Winnebago, Nebraska.

Songs & Prayers CD has been described as “beautiful music for the soul” and includes a song by the students at St. Augustine Indian Mission. Counted Among Her Saints CD includes the songs “Marvels of Grace” and “Enkindle Our Hearts” that will offer peace and comfort. “Winter Moon” CD is a beautiful collection of Christmas music.


Lenten Daily Devotions

Lent, a special time for reflection and spiritual growth, is fast approaching and now is a good time to order inspirational books to prepare for it.

A Wondrous Love: Daily Lenten Meditations and Prayers (LB1) is available now through The Printery House and can be a helpful Lenten companion for people to reflect on their personal life situations and to deepen their relationship with God.

Two of the most widely read and respected spiritual writers of the 20th century, Henri Nouwen and C.S. Lewis, are brought together in this Lenten daily devotional booklet. Nouwen and Lewis offer their deeply personal insights, understanding and pastoral sensitivity in this booklet that is an ideal accompaniment for the holy season of Lent.


The Blessing of Friendship

What would we do without our friends? They encourage and inspire us, celebrate our joys, and offer comfort in sad times. It’s less than a month until Valentine’s Day, and February 14th is a great time to let friends and family know how much they mean and what a blessing they are. Send cards, notes, and e-mails to remind friends how important they are in your life. You may want to include a photo that recalls happy times together or add a prayer card. How about scheduling time now to make more memories with a special friend. Printery House has some wonderful Valentine cards that celebrate and nurture the friendships that are so important in life. And when you mail the Valentine, say a prayer of gratitude for the blessing of friendship.





If we love one another,God lives in us. 1 John 4:12