Month: June 2015

Words of Support

Do you know someone who may be sick or hurting? It’s often hard to find uplifting words to provide comfort and encouragement. Cards in the Words of Support Collection will encourage friends and family with inspiring messages such as, “You are never alone” and “God’s unconditional love—an eternal circle of hope.” Everyone needs some extra encouragement…show your support with a Words of Support card.

Inspirational Music by Luke Spehar





Are you looking for some inspiring Christian music? The Printery House now offers three CDs by Luke Spehar, talented songwriter, singer, and guitarist who composes original Catholic folk music. Spehar couples a unique musical style with inspiring lyrics that reflect a life lived in the light of God’s love. A native of Minnesota, he finds inspiration in the simple, natural beauty of the outdoors, as well as the common human experiences of love, suffering, failures and triumphs. His latest release, “All is Gift” was co-produced by Grammy award-winning Artist Ben Harper, and joins his two other CDs “Be Still,” and “No Other Way.”


Prayers to Share

“Prayer is the place of refuge for every worry, a foundation for cheerfulness, a source of constant happiness, a protection against sadness.”–St. John Chrysostom.

Prayer is the centerpiece of life at the Abbey and the Printery House is now sharing beautiful prayers written by the monks of Conceptions Abbey in a new format with packets of Prayers to Share. “From the Heart of the Abbey” is a set of small prayer cards offered by Printery House. Prayers to Share packets include six short inspiring prayers, each written by one of the Monks of Conception Abbey. Included in the sets of 18 prayer cards are three of each of the six prayers – two prayers to share and one prayer to keep. This way you and friends or family members can all be praying exactly the same prayer…a way to feel united in prayer. There’s so many ways to use Prayers to Share… slip one inside a greeting card or note to let someone know you’re praying for them. Or how about leaving one on a friend’s windshield or attached to a batch of cookies and brought to a neighbor who may be having a difficult time. Pass them around at Bible Studies or slip one in your child’s lunch box. Leave one with a tip at your local café. Prayers to Share…the power of prayer, especially when shared.

Sister Sophie

Meet Sister Sophie, the newest of the Printery House characters, who is featured on five Printery House birthday cards. She joins Brother Christopher and Benny the Mouse. Sister Sophie shines with the light of Christ and shares it generously. To her life is a blessing, often seasoned with humor. Frequently found with her dog Gracie, Sister Sophie greets each day in the spirit of Christian hope, gratitude, and especially joy. Makes someone’s birthday with a Sister Sophie card.