Brother Christopher

Meet Brother Christopher…one of our favorite characters featured on Printery House cards. He is a Benedictine monk who lives at the Abbey, where he does God’s work as a teacher, musician, and calligrapher.

Brother Christopher loves all God’s creatures—especially a little mouse named Benny, who also lives in the Basilica. They met when Brother Christopher was practicing the pipe organ and one of the floor pedals stuck, making a loud bass sound. Benny came to the rescue and managed to wiggle under the organ pedal, just enough to release it. That was the beginning of a great friendship–and now Benny pounces on the organ pedals at just the right times to help Brother Christopher play hymns!

When Brother Christopher writes cards using calligraphy, a specialty taught at the Abbey, Benny often dips his tail in the ink and adds a few words. If Brother Christopher is late for evening prayer, he’s just feeding and tending to all his little animal friends…especially Benny the Mouse.