Star From Afar

Are you looking for a meaningful, interactive, and simple way to help your children focus on Jesus’ birth during this Christmas season? “Star from Afar” is a book and game about the exciting journey of the three Wise Men as they follow their “Star From Afar” to the birthplace of Jesus on Christmas morning. The activity book encourages children to go on a hunt of their own, similar to that of the Wise Men


Each day the Star is hidden and the children participate in a fun hide-and-seek game to locate it. Once they have found the Star, they move all three Wise Men to its location. Consider placing a little surprise or piece of candy with your Star every day to make this fun game more like an Advent Calendar.

On Christmas morning the three Wise Men reach their final destination when the Star is found at the stable with baby Jesus. The Star symbolizes not only the guiding light and hope of the Magi, but also Jesus, the Light of the World.

This interactive Nativity set includes 10 wooden nativity characters, a wooden stable, a wooden Star, and a hard bound copy of “The Christmas Star From Afar” book. “Star from Afar” is a teaching tool and daily reminder of the real reason we celebrate Christmas. What a wonderful family tradition this could become.

When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. Matthew 2:10