Month: December 2015

Giving Thanks

This season often brings with it gifts…so please remember to thank friends and family for them. The Printery House offers a wide range of thank-you notes…from tailored to cute. Gratitude is always in style. I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that has been given you in Christ Jesus… 1 Corinthians 1:4


The Gift of Music

Give the gift of music with a unique music box. These distinctive music boxes feature meaningful melodies as well as beautiful artwork.

G2567 – This unique translucent heart-shaped music box features a cameo of the Madonna and Child on a blue and gold background. Turn the dial on the bottom to hear the melody “Ave Maria.”


G2550- This music box features a cameo of a butterfly on a lilac background. Turn the dial on the bottom to hear the melody for the “Lord’s Prayer.”


G2575—This beautiful transparent music box showcases the gold musical mechanism inside. An ivory cameo of angels with a wreath adorns the front of the box on an ebony and gold background. Wind the box to hear the lovely music of “In the Garden.”


G2568 A perfect gift for all occasions, this transparent music box features white angels on a ruby background. Wind the lever at the bottom to hear “Amazing Grace” and watch the musical mechanism spin.



Roses in December

The image of “roses in December” calls to mind Our Lady of Guadalupe and how roses blooming in December helped Juan Diego convince a skeptical Bishop.

In the card shown below, Mary is dressed in a blue mantle and light red patterned robe reminiscent of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She holds Jesus in her left hand and three roses in her right hand. Also shown is an Our Lady of Guadalupe statue, icon, and music box that plays “Ave Maria.”


Prayer Buddies

Bedtime Prayer Buddies make great educational toys for children and grandchildren.

Prayerful Louie the Lamb irresistibly touches little hearts everywhere by reciting well-loved prayers with a push of his paw. He recites the “Our Father,” “Hail Mary,” and “Glory Be.” A perfect bedtime prayer buddy!


Whimsical Liam the Lion is the perfect bedtime buddy as he soothes the little ones to sleep reciting the “Angel of God” prayer with a push of his paw. G2442

Your buddy Ferdinand the Fox is the friendliest fox in town and recites the “Prayer of St. Francis” with the press of his paw.