All New Biscotti

What’s cooking at the Conception Abbey Monastery Kitchen? Biscotti…

Abbey Oven Biscotti are gourmet Italian cookies handmade daily in small batches by the Benedictine Monks of Conception Abbey. The monks prepare a special dough featuring olive oil, chunks of white chocolate and cranberries, then carefully shape and bake each loaf. While still warm, the loaves are hand sliced into individual cookies, then baked again for a light crunchy texture, hence the Italian name biscotto or “twice baked.”

Once cooled, these generously-sized cookies are hand dipped in rich melted chocolate. Each batch of Abbey Oven Biscotti is prepared in the monastery kitchen using fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Why are these biscotti so good? Because the monks go about their baking with prayer, take their time, and are committed to the excellence of their product. Your purchase of Abbey Oven Biscotti helps to further the good works of the monastery.

bag_biscotti&coffee ingredientsAbbey Oven Biscotti are especially delicious when dipped in steaming coffee, expresso, tea, or dessert wine and are great as snacks or delicate after-dinner treats. Buon Appetito!