Month: August 2016

Mass Kits for Kids

Kids are always playing and getting into things. This can be hard if you take them to Church or to the Dentist. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that could keep them occupied and teach them something? Look no further than these two child Mass kits! They come with many religious inserts and magnetic pieces that will be fun for the kids to play with. The kids can “play Mass” while learning about Adoration and what’s what inside the Church! Not to mention that these products are portable for when you’re on the go. They are approved for ages 3 and up. They are 8×12” and 8.5×11”. It’s also good to know that both are “Ecclesiastically Approved”!G2483 G2955

New Metal Art

“Believe” ………….. “Blessed.” What powerful words these are. We believe in God because of His great Love for us. We are blessed to share in the Hope that the Lord gives us in His Son. These metal wall art pieces are perfect for expressing these sentiments. Seeing them everyday can remind us of the Love and Hope God has for us. They are both made of iron, and are 10″W x 6″H. They can be lit with a mini light strand (which is not included with the product). We hope you enjoy these beautiful pieces of art! May they be holy reminders that we believe and are blessed!

G3143 G3245

Jesus Calming The Storm


The following item is a resin and stone figurine of Jesus Calming the Storm. Truly an amazing event in the Gospel; Jesus is asleep as a storm hits, and the disciples awaken Him to calm the storm. Jesus is always ready to calm our storms. Jesus can outlast any storm no matter how fierce it may seem. Jesus had such great peace in His soul that He could sleep through the harsh winds and the turbulence. He offers that peace to us. This item is a great reminder of that peace.

The Assumption of Mary

The Assumption of Mary was celebrated yesterday, and it is the only good Assumption we as Catholics can believe. What a better way to honor Mary than with one of our Assumption framed prints. These prints honor Mary in the culmination of her Earthly life. Her life was one of continual “fiat”, always saying yes to God. The image is from the Assumption of Virgin, a painting by Domenico Fiasella. It shows Mary surrounded by angels and light as she is raised up into Heaven. This image is totally appropriate for the occasion, although it could never do the Assumption justice. We also offer this same image in an acrylic block form, on holy/prayer cards, on a mini print and on a tea light stand. Happy Assumption! Thanks be to God for the Virgin Mary!