Month: September 2016

Our Hope and Trust 2017 Calendars

It’s time to start planning for 2017, and we have calendars and planners just for that! The Our Hope and Trust calendars/planners are a great buy if you want to mark the days, weeks, and months of the year with religious themes. You will be drawn in by their religious artwork, great faith quotations, and appealing design. Put together by our dedicated designers in our Art Department; you can tell that great care was taken in designing them. Why just have any calendar? Get your own Our Hope and Trust calendar today! They are available in pocket, desk, and wall form.


Celebrating the Upcoming Canonization of Mother Teresa

The Canonization of Mother Teresa is a great time for all Catholics! Together we can celebrate the life of an amazing woman who lived for others. She spent many years in the streets of Calcutta and elsewhere helping the poor and disadvantaged. She never praised herself, although she was a courageous voice for others. She famously said that if people are self-centered, mean, if they doubt your intentions, “love them anyway.” Truly, the most amazing thing about Mother (Saint to be) Teresa was that she lived her own words. We offer many items honoring Mother Teresa; from rosaries to icons to commemorative plagues. What a better way to honor so great a lady than to get a rosary or plaque in her honor? Let us all honor St. Teresa of Calcutta!

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