Abbey Oven Granola and Biscotti are back!

After a pause of several years, Abbey Oven granola and biscotti from the Printery House at Conception are back. Originally offered from 2015 to 2018, these recipes were developed at Conception Abbey by one of the monks. We are now able to offer these delectable delights again!

Honey Nut Granola

Abbey Oven Honey Nut Granola

Our granola is handmade with care by the Benedictine Monks of Conception Abbey, to bring you the flavor of honest, simpler times. Each batch is prepared with fresh and wholesome ingredients in the monastery kitchen. The distinctively delicious Honey Nut Blend brims with almonds, walnuts, salted peanuts and pecans. Pair our granola with yogurt, ice cream or over salad greens-or enjoy it as a healthy snack. Your purchase also supports the good works of the monastery. Full of monastic tradition and homemade, wholesome flavor, this tasty granola cereal will nourish your body and soul. 

Cranberry Biscotti

Abbey Oven Cranberry Biscotti

Abbey Oven Biscotti are Italian cookies handmade in small batches by the Benedictine Monks of Conception Abbey. The bakers handcraft and bake the dough. While still warm, each loaf is hand sliced into individual cookies. The cookies are baked again for a light crunchy texture, hence the Italian name biscotto (the singular form) or “twice baked.” Once cooled, the biscotti are hand dipped in rich chocolate.

Our first flavor of biscotti is cranberry white chocolate, flavored with dried cranberries and white chocolate chips in addition to being dipped in a brown chocolate coating.

Delicious when dipped in steaming coffee, espresso, or tea, or in cold milk, these biscotti are also great for breakfast, snacks, or as after-dinner treats.

The Printery House is an apostolate of Conception Abbey, supporting the Benedictine monks in their life of prayer and service to the Church, especially the formation of seminarians at Conception Seminary College.

Visit to order Abbey Oven granola and biscotti, or call 800-322-2737.

Published February 9, 2023.