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Abbey Christian Care Christmas Collection

Sometimes amid all the red and green, Christmas can be a little blue…life can still have its burdens, even in this holiest of seasons. Do you know someone who is suffering right now? Perhaps with an illness,an addiction, or grieving a loss? Let The Printery House help by giving you the right words to lift spirits and let someone who is hurting know that God is there to help. Cards for a difficult Christmas are found in our Abbey Christian Care Collection. Beyond the Christmas preparations, the lights and decorations, this season is a reminder of God’s amazing love for all of us. The power of God’s love through Christ Jesus can bring comfort to those who suffer and peace to a world in pain.

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One Step, One Day, One Prayer

Do you know a friend or family member who is on the long journey of recovery from hip or knee surgery? Perhaps you know someone who has tried to quit an addiction and is still struggling. The Abbey Christian Care cards in the “Recovery Collection” were created specifically to provide encouragement, comfort ,and support for these challenging times. The “Recovery Collection” offers cards that serve as reminders to friends and family that God is there each step of the way during recovery, whether it’s rehab through a 12-step program or during physical therapy after hip or knee surgery. Show loved ones you’re there for them…one step, one day, one prayer at a time.


New Abbey Christian Care Greeting Cards

Has someone close to you had life turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis? Do you know someone grieving a loss? Perhaps a friend or family member has tried to quit an addiction or is still struggling. The Printery House is pleased to introduce Abbey Christian Care, a new line of Christian greeting cards and gifts that offer encouragement, comfort, and support for some of life’s most difficult challenges. The Abbey Christian Care cards in the “Courage Each Day” Collection were created specifically for those facing cancer. These uplifting messages and healing Scriptures offer hope and comfort for those undergoing cancer treatments.