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  • Holy Cards: Feed the Need to Inspire and Give Hope

    While many of us have gathered around a rack of cards that sing popular songs and other noises, sometimes a card that’s artistic, personal and faith-filled is what the moment calls for. Holy Cards fit the need. They’re small (think vintage Valentines), beautifully created and full of faith with prayers to be treasured. Send some […]

  • Five Gift Ideas for Baby Baptism

    Everything about babies is fresh and new. We all look with a bit of awe on this new life stuffed full of unseen potential. The baptism of a baby is a beautiful statement by the family and loved ones around the child, that they will do all in their power to help guide this new […]

  • Catholic Baptism Gifts: How Do You Choose the Perfect Gift?

    Out of the thousands of days you will spend with your child, there are handfuls which are extra extraordinary. The day of your child’s baptism is one of them. Baptism is a day of joy and rejoicing. A party atmosphere is entirely warranted! Parties mean special decorations and special gifts – but how do you […]