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Customizable Baptism Gifts

Baptism is such a special time for parents, grandparents, sponsors, and most importantly, the new baby! Commemorate and preserve the memories of this sacred occasion with one of these unique matted frames. Both frames feature exclusive Printery House artwork and writing, with a blank slot to place baby’s Baptismal photo. It can be customized with a favorite Bible verse or the baby’s name and Baptism date. You can also choose your mat color and frame color. This makes a perfect Baptism gift.



Bringing the Right Baptism Gifts to the Party

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Sacraments of Initiation Keepsake Box

A child’s baptism is an important milestone, which makes celebrating its significance important. The party that follows a baptismal ceremony is filled with love, laughter, and family members all joined together for the same reason, the little person who went through a new life ceremony on that day. When it comes to baptism gifts, it can be hard to know what would be appropriate or appreciated. You want your gift to be heartfelt and something that can be treasured.

Keep it Simple

Heartfelt baptism gifts don’t have to be ornate or expensive. Sometimes a thoughtful card or a bouquet of beautiful flowers can do the trick. Something as simple as a keepsake box filled with family heirlooms, candies, or a handwritten letter is all it takes to show how much this special day means.

Know That Sometimes, the Best Gift is You

Gift giving isn’t really about the gift itself. It’s about the thought behind the gift. A child’s baptism is a sacred day and you just being a part of it is special. Give a heartfelt card or a simple hand –written note as a meaningful gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Do Some Research

If you know the parents of the child well, ask what types of things the child may need or want for a baptism gift. Maybe the child is in need of a Bible or some other religious text that they could always remember as a gift from you. Ask about family traditions or special prayers or songs and consider framing up a special text like this for the child.

Find a Religious Gift

By default, baptisms are divine acts of worship to God. When parents decide to baptize a child, or when a child decides he or she is ready to be baptized, it is a sanctified ceremony where the child is being cleansed and dedicated to God. For this reason, purchasing a religious gift for a child who is celebrating this momentous occasion is the perfect idea. A book of prayers, a simple cross necklace, or a picture frame to put a picture from the child’s baptism day are all good options if you want your gift to nod toward the religious decision of engaging in baptism.

Baptism gifts are special because they forever commemorate a day that a child and his or her loved ones will always hold dear, the day they officially committed their lives to the Lord. Lots of photos, a special party and the joining of many friends and family will accompany this day. When it comes to making this day count with thoughtful baptism gifts, the Printery House has you covered. We sell greeting cards tailor-made for this occasion, as well as religious gifts like keepsake boxes, picture frames and jewelry. Come to us for you all your baptism gifts needs, so that you can stop worrying about the gift and start focusing on the joy of your loved one’s baptism.

Catholic Baptism Gift Ideas That Are Simple, but Meaningful, for Children, Teens and Adults

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Sacraments of Initiation Wall Cross

Few moments in life are as impactful and meaningful as Catholic baptism, whether the candidate is a child or an adult. You’ve probably shared in the joy at many of these occasions, and pondered what type of gift to bring. It’s not typically a moment for a retail shopping card – you need something truly special.

Depending on the age and gender you’re shopping for, some typical Baptism keepsakes may seem like they’ll end up in a basement storage room in a few years. You can find and send a Catholic baptism gift with lasting meaning, if you think a little “outside the box.” (Or, think inside the box, if you’re buying an item that’s a unique new keepsake box).

Christ actually directed His disciples to preach the Gospel to all nations and to baptize those who accept the Gospel as truth. This truly calls for a celebration; the believer is cleansed from sins and enters into new life with Christ, with many new faith milestones to follow. Here are some Catholic baptism gift ideas for those you love:

1. For babies:
The Noah’s Ark Cross is a great choice for a baby or young child’s room, of either gender. It’s filled with soothing colors and charming images, reminding us that God keeps his promises. The recipient will remember your gesture for years to come and will keep this cheerful cross out on display for their child to enjoy.

2. For youth:
Try the Monogram of Christ pendant from The Printery House. With bright, bold colors and a unique design, it’s a symbol they can wear with anything. The message “I have called you by your name” will be sure to inspire.

3. For adults:
Why not give a unique wall cross, so they can enjoy the memories of this day at home or in the office? Eye-catching bronze designs are popular, including the “transformation” cross from The Printery House which features a caterpillar turning into a lovely butterfly. It’s a special gift that’s sure to be included in wall décor for years to come, serving as a constant reminder of their faith (and the faith you have in their decision to be baptized).

4. For anyone:
Give the First Communion Keepsake Box. This delicately carved, hand-painted resin box commemorates this important milestone on the front. This gift box is perfect for storing a rosary or other tokens to remember and honor that special day, which typically follows Catholic Baptism.

Don’t forget the power of a beautiful, handwritten card to let a loved one know about your joy in their decision. Choose one from The Printery House and your card is hand-designed and printed on-site by monks and artists at Conception Abbey in northwest Missouri. Find the right Catholic Baptism gifts and a fantastic collection of hand-designed religious greeting cards at The Printery House.

Unique Baby Christening Gift Ideas to Treasure


Christening GiftsChristians walk through life together to strengthen and encourage one another even as they reach out to others with the saving message of the gospel. The church family supports one another in birth, in marriage, in daily living and in death.

Baptism is the rite by which Christians publicly confess their love for and faith in Christ and in which the church promises to come alongside to help that love and faith to mature. One of the happiest occasions in the life of the church is the welcoming of a new baby into the church family. A Christening is a celebration of a baby’s baptism.

The tradition of Christening

While baptism is the official title for the ceremony of public identification with Christ, believers who practice infant baptism sometimes refer to the event as christening. The name Christian, first given to believers in the ancient city of Antioch, means follower of Christ or even Little Christ. Similarly, when a baby is baptized, he/she is being identified with Christ. A christening ceremony differs from simple baptism in that the baby is given a new name, often the name of a Christian saint. The baby often wears a long, white gown reminiscent of a bride’s wedding dress.

During the christening ceremony, parents and godparents make a public confession of dependence on Christ and vow to choose lives of personal holiness. The service includes a series of questions and answers which highlight the core tenets of the Christian faith. Once the faith has been proclaimed has been made clear the child is baptized. This is followed by a promise on the part of the parents and godparents to nourish a similar faith in the child.

Baby Christening gift ideas

Baby christenings are joyful occasions in the church. It is completely proper to celebrate this day with a shared meal and even the giving of gifts. On this day, any sort of faith-related item makes an appropriate gift, but there are traditional baby christening gifts. Tried and true christening gifts include personalized items such as engraved cups and spoons or bibles. Perhaps less traditional but certainly welcome would be a picture frame to hold a photo taken on that day. Personalized pillows and blankets and money gifts are also time-honored gifts.

Look to The Printery House when looking for baby Christening gift ideas

If you are privileged to share in a baby’s christening service and are looking for a gift to take along, look no farther than The Printery House. At The Printery House you can find greeting cards, Christian sculptures, wall crosses – any number of baby christening gift ideas that will not only convey your support but become items to treasure throughout the child’s growing up years.