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Let the Christian Gift Shop Help Your Family Memorize Scripture

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Fruits of the Spirit

If you ever sang a song to memorize the names of the 12 apostles, then you know that when you have a little help, scripture memory is an achievable goal – even for the youngest children. Kids sing the alphabet and recite the Pledge of Allegiance; memorizing is all about repetition.

But sometimes kids can feel like memorizing bible verses is just another chore. That is when you turn to the Christian gift shop for a little help. There you will find bible verses in every kind of wall art. And when your walls are covered with the words of the bible, your children’s hearts will be too. There are also other ways that you can help your children to put God’s word in their hearts.

Learning Scripture Can be Fun
Try putting bible verses to familiar tunes. Preschoolers can learn complicated scriptures by singing them to familiar tunes such as Row, Row, Row Your Boat and the Happy Birthday song. You can make it fun with homemade cymbals, shakers and music sticks and have them march around the room reciting scripture as they go.

With older children you can play the blackboard eraser game in which the verse is repeated as child after child takes turns erasing one word from the verse. You can also put words from the verse inside balloons and then have your children sit on them to pop them and reconstruct the verse. There are lots of ways to have fun learning bible verses with children. But the verses that a person sees the most often will be the easiest to recall.

Memorizing Scripture is All About Exposure
If you want kids to take the words of the bible to heart, put it before them daily. First and foremost this means reading the bible with your children, but there is a less direct approach as well. Check out the Christian gift shop for some wall plaques that have bible verses displayed.

In the Kitchen
In the kitchen hang a plaque with the words of Galatians 5:22-23 The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self- control. You can talk about each of these fruits at mealtimes. What do they look like? How did you demonstrate them during the day?

In the Bathroom
In the bathroom where kids are combing hair and brushing teeth and preparing themselves to be seen by others, hang the words of Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

In the Bedroom
In the bedroom where you tuck your child in at night and talk about the events of the day put the words of Romans 8:28 in plain view We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God

At the Back Door
And right by the garage door where it will be seen multiple times each and every day post Psalm 121:8 The Lord will guard your coming and going both now and forevermore.

Lastly, in your living room, consider hanging the words to the Apostle’s Creed. Your family is a Christian family and this is your family motto. Help them learn it.

The Christian gift shop has so much to offer when it comes to helping your family memorize scripture. For the verses mentioned here and many more, go to The Printery House. We have a large assortment of items that you can use to help your children learn God’s word.

The Catholic Gift Store Has What You Need This Wedding Season

Wall Art 3Springtime is prom season, graduation season and a good time for home sales. It’s also the start of wedding season. From May until August countless couples will be walking down the church aisle and exchanging rings before a crowd of witnesses. It’s one of the most beautiful ceremonies observed in our culture and in the church.

It is important to show those you love that you rejoice with them as they have decided to commit themselves to one another in the sight of God. As a fellow believer you want to do all you can to help the young couple successfully navigate the matrimonial waters. You can help set them off on the right foot with a gift from the Catholic gift store. Gifts with a religious flavor will remind the bride and groom that God alone is a sufficient anchor when the storm clouds form.

Here are some gift ideas to get you started:

A Catholic Wedding Bible
Nothing is more important than the word of God for living the Christian life and creating a Christian home. A Catholic wedding bible is a keepsake bible meant to be read and treasured throughout a lifetime together. The bible lists appropriate wedding passages and provides a place for couples to record those they chose for their own ceremony.

Christian Wall Art
Although many couples are marrying later and may have housewares already, plenty don’t. Even those who already own the nuts and bolts of housekeeping will appreciate artwork that marks out the couple’s new home together as under the Lord’s protection. Why not give a framed rendering of 1 Corinthians 13 Love is patient, love is kind, it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, love never fails?

Framed family blessings are appropriate as are wall hangings that remind the couple to pray daily for their bread and other needs. A Christian print with a home blessing will remind the couple that as husband and wife – they constitute a godly home.

Books A Good Choice
Christian couples may unpack the toaster and the coffeemaker first, but edifying books are an important part of the Christian life. As things settle down, they will appreciate the gift of a good book.

Catholic couples might appreciate a Family Book of Life in which they can record each sacramental celebration. The book will become a family’s spiritual history as the pages are filled in year by year.

All couples would benefit from some good books on marriage. What Did You Expect? is an example of a practical book on marriage that addresses the challenges which come when two people with flaws live together at the same broken address – planet earth.

Christian Music
Create a playlist of Christian music that celebrates the young couple and the God who brought them together. This special collection of music will bring them back to the day of their wedding in a mere moment.

The Catholic gift store is not just a resource for baptisms and first communions. It’s a place to find gifts for every important event in life, including weddings. Check out our online Catholic gift store at The Printery House and be ready when the wedding season begins.

Peace This Season – And Peace About Your Shopping With Catholic Gift Stores

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Let There Be Peace On Earth

When you think Christmas shopping, do you think big-chain retail stores … and lines, full parking lots and general fatigue?

How about this picture instead: You, cozy at home with your laptop and a mug of hot cocoa, enjoying Christmas music and browsing at your leisure through great faith-filled gifts for everyone on your list. This is the scene you can enjoy when you shop Catholic gift stores.

Shopping online for religious greeting cards and inspirational gifts is better now than ever, with new items like fashionable wall plaques, candles, scented soaps and jewelry that helps friends and family members share their faith every day. Another wonderful part of shopping online if that retailers have safe and secure sites that can even hold onto your favorite items in a wish list or shopping list.

So what are some of the top items to click, buy, and relax again with this year?

1. Focus more this year on the power of the written word, expressed by you in a beautiful religious greeting card they’ll keep to display year after year. Don’t breeze through a bustling retail store at the last minute for cards for parents, spouses, teachers or in-laws – try taking your time and enjoy the awe-inspiring collections you can find online. The Printery House, for example, offers stunning artwork and messages created by monks and artists on-site at Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in northwest Missouri.

2. Message blocks pack a lot of faith in a small space. Send a college student or faraway friend a message block, adorned with bright colors and affirming messages of faith that will complement any shelf, desk or corner.

3. Celtic-inspired items are trendy and fashionable all year, across all age groups. Pick up a Celtic cross necklace or two for a Sunday school teacher or family member. Keep an extra one on hand for a great gift. Teens wear them too!

4. For the guys, try a unique “Man of Faith” mug and coaster set or a scented shaving kit, part of the Monastery Scents line. The soaps are hand-crafted by the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, and come attractively packaged and ready to wrap. The boxed collection includes Oatmeal & Honey, Frankincense & Myrrh and Swiss Lavender.

5. Now, how to celebrate that extra time you gained by shopping Catholic gift stores at home? Pick out a bright and bold new Jim Shore ornament from The Printery House to light up your tree or anywhere in your home. You’ve earned it!

You’re only a few clicks away from some peaceful Christmas shopping when you browse Catholic gift stores like The Printery House online. For 60 years, The Printery House has created wonderful greeting cards in their on-site print shop, and they offer a full line of inspirational gifts, too.

Find Faith-Filled Gifts for all the Kids on Your Christmas List Shopping Catholic Online Stores


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Willow Tree Angel Musical Figure

Looking for Christmas gifts for kids with meaning? Want something that will be different from a basic shirt, toy or video game?

This year, spend 30 minutes shopping at Catholic online stores. You’ll find many excellent resources to review, click and buy without meandering aimlessly through a major department store and ending up with something that may not add any value or meaning to a child’s life.

Great news – with stores like The Printery House, you can shop for inspiriting gifts around the clock, cozy at home. Gifts for kids and teens today on Catholic online stores will likely go way beyond your expectations; many have updated selections and can reach all age groups.

Here are some examples of religious Christmas gifts kids will love:

1. God’s Smallest Wonders Mug: The little red bird with a backdrop of falling snow, printed with “God’s smallest wonders… often bring the greatest joys” will make a child smile as they enjoy a cup of milk or hot chocolate. Kids love to have their own special mug! Buy an extra one to send to mom and dad.

2. Willow Tree Musical Angel: This popular Willow Tree figurine turns as it plays “Amazing Grace,” sure to bring a little girl on your shopping list joy day after day. It’s decorated with tree branches representing life and growth.

3. What Child is This? Seek and Find Advent: This bright new addition features daily devotions for children and seek-and-find photos that tell Bible stories about waiting and watching for the coming Messiah. A child will enjoy this adventure every day of Advent! Order now for a surprise holiday gift.

4. Jesus Calling Bible Storybook: “Nothing in heaven or on earth can stop Me from loving you” is the core message of this Bible storybook for kids. Stories from the Bible are placed with devotions from top Christian author Sarah Young.

Check out these Christian gift ideas for teens this Christmas:

1. Framed art prints: Teens want to make their space their own, so send a teen on your list a bright framed print. It will inspire and remind others who visit about the Truth and hope in God. Try one from The Printery House, such as “Let your light shine before others.”

2. The Word For All Seasons Desk Calendar: This new and vivid wall calendar or desk calendar is the perfect faith-filled way to help a teen keep track of plans and assignments, their way.

Monogram of Christ Pendant: With bold mosaic colors and contemporary lettering, this cross pendant is a hip way for a teen on your list to share their faith. Pendant says “I have called you by your name, you are mine.” (Isaiah 43:1)

This year, won’t you enjoy Christmas even more by shopping at Catholic online stores like The Printery House? Start today, and in half an hour, have several of your names checked off your list. Every card is made on-site by monks and artists, as it has been for 60 years. Read more and be inspired at: