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  • A Few Facts About the Celebration of Infant Baptism and Some Baby Christening Gift Ideas

    A baby is baptized in the Catholic Church and on that day is usually given a Christian name. This is an important event and most parents invite extended family and friends to attend the rite along with a home party afterward. The Guidelines for Naming Contrary to common opinion, Catholic parents need not give the […]

  • The History and Practice Related to Christening

    As Christians our faith has a shared history with ancient Judaism. Many of Judaism’s Old Testament (OT) traditions have either carried directly over into Christianity or have taken on a New Testament (NT) look. The Jewish celebration of Passover as a meal of remembrance has become for Christians the Lord’s Supper or the Communion table. […]

  • Best Baby Christening Gift Ideas: Welcome Little One

    A baby christening is one of those milestone moments you won’t want to forget in the life of your child or godchild. Christening signifies that the child bears a first tangible demonstration of the Holy Spirit and sets the tone for the child to take part in sacraments as they grow in their faith. Gifts […]

  • Religious Celebrations Honor the Royal Baby: Christening Soon to Come

    It’s a boy! The wait for another heir to the British throne was answered last week with the arrival of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge’s bundle of joy. This precious child was ushered into the world accompanied by the devoted prayers of 600 Westminster Abbey parishioners and clergy. Three plus hours of pealing bells […]