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Christmas 2018

Our Christmas catalog is here and should be arriving on your doorstep any day!

Browse through the pages to find our hottest new Christmas cards and gifts as well as Advent readings and resources. It’s never too early to get in the Christmas spirit!

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Two monks making vows at their religious profession

Understanding Religious Profession

Religious Profession – What is it?

First, I’d like to clarify the meaning of the term “religious profession.” It refers to an event, not a job. The reference is to making or “professing” vows as a way of committing to a religious community. This usually occurs in a formal ceremony. It may also include the giving of a new name. Think of it like marriage. The couple professes vows in a public ceremony. Then their family and friends recognize them as in a way being different people. They will celebrate the anniversary of this event as long as they both live.

The Vows

The most common vows for Catholic religious are chastity, poverty, and obedience. However, as Benedictine monks, our explicit vows are a bit different. We profess obedience to the abbot, stability in the community,
and fidelity to the monastic way of life. The way of life includes chastity and personal poverty by implication (and according to our Constitution).

More Definitions

As further clarification, “religious” is used as a noun to refer to someone who has made the religious vows.  “Profession” is used in this context as a noun referring to the event. To be explicit one could say “profession of vows.” In most uses, however, “profession” implies the vows just like “marrying” does.

Profession vs. Ordination

Furthermore, religious profession is not the same as ordination. In fact, we consider them two separate yet compatible vocations. Men as well as women profess religious vows. Men who do this are “brothers.” Professed women are “sisters.” If a male religious is also ordained a priest, the usual form of address is “Father” instead. Priests usually have pastoral and sacramental ministries. Brothers and sisters, on the other hand, are devoted to non-sacramental work and prayer. Both are vital to the life of the Church.

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Sister Sophie


Meet Sister Sophie…one of the characters featured in cards created by the Printery House. Sister Sophie shines with the light of Christ and shares it generously. She loves God and it shows in her attitude and actions. To her, life is a blessing, often seasoned with humor. Frequently found with her dog Gracie, Sister Sophie greets each day in the spirit of Christian
​hope, gratitude, and especially joy. Sister Sophie can help you to brighten someone’s birthday with her soft, sweet humor.

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Brother Christopher

Meet Brother Christopher…one of our favorite characters featured on Printery House cards. He is a Benedictine monk who lives at the Abbey, where he does God’s work as a teacher, musician, and calligrapher.

Brother Christopher loves all God’s creatures—especially a little mouse named Benny, who also lives in the Basilica. They met when Brother Christopher was practicing the pipe organ and one of the floor pedals stuck, making a loud bass sound. Benny came to the rescue and managed to wiggle under the organ pedal, just enough to release it. That was the beginning of a great friendship–and now Benny pounces on the organ pedals at just the right times to help Brother Christopher play hymns!

When Brother Christopher writes cards using calligraphy, a specialty taught at the Abbey, Benny often dips his tail in the ink and adds a few words. If Brother Christopher is late for evening prayer, he’s just feeding and tending to all his little animal friends…especially Benny the Mouse.

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