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Religious Gifts For Women That Won’t End up in Next Year’s Yard Sale

Handmade Soap 1
Handmade Soap Gift Set

What do women want when it comes to choosing a gift? Those who live out their faith want gift items to help share that message, and today there are more creative options than ever for the women in your life.

If you’re considering religious gifts for women in your life, such as good friends, mentors, church staff or a child’s teacher, think about the ways a gift can help encourage her throughout her day. A coffee mug with scripture is a good example; another would be a calendar or day planner with reminders of her faith. The best gifts are those that combine faith messages with a practical purpose, so that she’ll appreciate the gift throughout the year.

Here are other examples of religious gifts for women that won’t end up in next year’s yard sale:

1. Candles are always a good choice. A beautiful candle or candle holder can be enjoyed all year long, casting a peaceful glow or bringing energy to a gray day.

2. Wall plaques look great as home décor and work as daily faith reminders. Several Christian wall plaques are available, ranging from those that have encouraging quotes to those that highlight beautiful scriptures from God’s word. They can be a fun accompaniment to any kitchen, living room or bedroom décor for any age.

3. What girl doesn’t love jewelry? Look for jewelry that will remind her of God’s love, such as a bracelet or necklace. From teens to 20-somethings to busy moms, every woman appreciates a little sparkle and it’s even better when it helps build up her faith.

4. Faith-sharing cards are simple and fun to share. Women can carry beautiful and bright faith-sharing cards in their purse to hand out at favorite businesses or when talking with friends. This is a simple way to get a meaningful conversation started.

5. How about a handcrafted scented soap with a story? The Printery House offers handcrafted and lovely scented soaps, complete with rustic packaging and a note of scripture. These soaps are made by nearby Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Clyde, Missouri and each includes a drop of holy water and a prayer for the recipient.

Religious gifts for women can be both personal and practical, for any occasion – or just as a gift for no reason at all other than to surprise a friend or family member. Order a selection today from The Printery House, and see the great works of the monks and the employees of Conception Abbey.

This monastery is situated in the rolling lands of northwest Missouri offers quality gift choices for anyone on your list. You’ll be inspired to share these meaningful gifts, and it’s fun to have a selection on-hand for surprising someone.


Top Ten Christian Products to Give and Get

Door Knocker
Christ Is The Head of This Household

As more families look to simplify their clutter and their lives, it’s more important than ever to send a gift with thoughtful meaning to help someone share their faith – or simply to encourage them. Gifts and cards with true meaning can find a place in your home, and that of friends and family.

The rise in interest toward creating a space that’s full of meaning, and less full of excess, is fueled in part by Jen Hatmaker’s smash hit book “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess,” published by Alive Communications. The book reminds readers that all of our resources have the potential to possess us, instead of remaining our possessions, if we aren’t careful.

Here are some Christian products that will remind the recipients to hold on to gratitude and faith:

1. Wall plaque: Choose an uplifting message or a blessing on a decorative Christian wall plaque. It’s a message of faith that can be used in any room or even a garden. It’ll stay when other items get transferred out.

2. Hand-created Christian cards: Everyone appreciates having just the right card to send, and you can tuck in some stamps for a useful, faith-filled gift.

3. Bible: A study bible or devotional bible is always a keeper and can be shared at the right moment with someone else.

4. Devotional: A simple devotional makes a great choice among top ten Christian gifts because it invites the reader to a few quiet moments of prayer and reflection.

5. Jewelry: Necklaces and bracelets with Christian charms are more popular than ever to help share a message of hope and remind wearers what really matters.

6. Calendar: A calendar for the kitchen, filled with scripture, will be appreciated daily.

7. Stationary: Have you ever had your own set of custom stationary? There’s always something special about getting it out to write a note or letter.

8. Door knocker: Remind yourself, and your guests, that Christ rules this home with a unique Christian door knocker.

9. Prayer cards: Send a beautiful set as a gift. They can be shared for years to come as a source of encouragement, and used as simple decorations or even bookmarks.

10. Decorative cross: From wooden to bronze or brightly-colored designs, nothing grounds a person more in the things that truly matter like a beautiful decorative cross for the wall.

If you’re looking for the top ten Christian products to give and get, keep in mind the best gifts have a story behind them – and invite the recipient to create their own story. You can “send something you believe in” with a gift or card from The Printery House.

Religious Gifts for Women

Wall Art 2
Tree of Life Wall Cross

What do women want when it comes to religious gifts? Many are looking for something that’s unique, personal and also helps them share their faith.

Religious gifts for women can be interesting, memorable and fun. A book of devotions may sit on a shelf, and she may love the bible she’s already using and the notes she’s written herself in it, so it may be time to think outside the box. Instead, think of a decorative and inspiring wall plaque.

Maybe a candle set with a hint of scripture … or even a set of homemade soaps that smell terrific. All of these are options to help a woman celebrate a birthday, religious service anniversary, a wedding shower or as a “just because” gift that lets her know you value her faith and the way she lives it.

Another great idea for religious gifts for women is a wall cross or decorative cross, which have quickly come back into trends all across Christian and Catholic gift stores. New designs include the “Tree of Life” Wall Cross, the Dove of Peace Wall Cross or crosses with a new look of the ancient Celtic cross image. Each of these looks amazing in a home or office and convey in an artistic way that she’s a woman of faith.

If she likes to garden, consider a wall plaque that can be placed indoors or outdoors. Messages with inspiring words have become incredibly popular in flower beds along sidewalks, decks or gardens. This is something she can share and talk about when friends and family visit.

Is she a woman of faith who likes to send notes and letters? Stationary and note cards make great religious gifts for women. Simple designs with a cross or message of faith can suit so many occasions, and she will love having a great set of quality note cards and stationary handy.

Christmas in July: Everyone loves the Christmas and Advent season, so surprise her with a gift she’ll be thrilled to set out at the holidays. Candles and candle holders make a great choice. This is especially fun to give as a wedding shower gift for the couple to enjoy during the first Christmas together.

Who doesn’t love jewelry? A little bit of bling inspired with a faith message is an ideal gift. Try a three-piece bracelet set with a cross charm or a new take on a cross necklace. She’ll think of you each time she wears it.

One additional idea – try giving her a magazine subscription, such as Today’s Christian Woman or others that are inspiring to read and will be something she can look forward to getting. This can be a great complement and a surprise to accompany a candle or wall plaque.

Find great religious gifts for women at The Printery House, now in its 60th year of creating beautiful greeting cards and offering unique gifts to share your faith. Many cards are made with the help of monks who live at the adjoining Conception Abbey, so you’re sending more than just a card with your gift.

Best Christian Products for Home and Office

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Kitchen Prayer Cutting Board

You want your faith to be more than a Sunday morning affair, but when life gets busy, it’s easy to forget that we can ask Christ’s blessing on our errands, trust Him in our business and keep Him as the center of our family unit. That is why adding Christian-themed art and décor to the home and office can be so helpful – it reminds us who we are and what we are about.

There are all sorts of Christian products which can add not only some beauty, but some meaning to your home or office space. Here are just a few ideas for bringing your faith into focus throughout the day where you live and work.

Message Blocks

Message blocks are painted wooden or resin blocks with faith messages painted or engraved in an attractive way. Blocks which proclaim PEACE can be great reminders on the office desk. When the office environment becomes a bit stressful, being reminded that we have access to supernatural peace can really help. A message block on the desk with the words “Whoever Follows Me Will Have the Light of Life” is a good reminder to the Christian and is also a great witness to others.

At the Door

Leaving or entering the house or office is a great time to utter a silent prayer for strength and infilling of the Spirit. A doorknocker with the famous words of Joshua “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” sets the tone. But a plaque with the words of Psalm 121:8 “The Lord will guard your coming and going both now and forevermore” hung beside the door is also a hopeful word of truth.

In the Kitchen

There is a great variety of Christian products that can enliven the kitchen with thoughts of faith. Many people start the day at home or at the office with a cup of coffee or hot tea. Mugs which bear scripture verses or encouragements like “Trust, God is with you, for you, within you” help you get the day going in the right frame of mind. Pretty painted plaques with the fruits of the Spirit “love, joy, peace, patience…” are ideal for the kitchen. Magnets for the front of the fridge with words of faith are another great way to keep thoughts of Christ in the forefront too.

Do you get to feeling like you are on a treadmill when you make copies at the office or are folding laundry at home? Hanging a plaque with the words “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me” can remind you to call on God for the strength even to do the repetitive chores of life.

At home or at the office, there are Christian products which can help you stay rooted in your identity in Christ. Christian stores like The Printery House offer a wide selection of items including something sure to help you remember that “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!”