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  • Holy Cards, Your Bible and a Rosary: Creating a Prayer Corner

    It has been said that a person will be no more powerful for Christ in public than they are with Him in private (through prayer and bible study). We want to be these kinds of powerful witnesses for Christ, but most of us struggle. Establishing a prayer habit is a spiritual endeavor but, in fact, […]

  • Share Inspirational Greeting Cards to Show Someone You Care

    The gift of language is a remarkable one. Words help us convey thoughts and feelings that go beyond what we can demonstrate through actions alone. Well-chosen words can give courage and hope, they can brighten the heart, they can soothe a troubled heart. The idea of sending words to loved ones in the mail to […]

  • Want to Inspire? Send Religious Greeting Cards Made by Monks

      Regardless of instant texts and emails, there’s nothing like the feeling of dropping a handwritten card into the mailbox knowing it’s going to brighten someone’s day soon… or finding a card underneath your typical bills or junk mail pieces. It instantly brings a little joy to your day. In this fast-paced life many of […]

  • Holy Cards: Feed the Need to Inspire and Give Hope

    While many of us have gathered around a rack of cards that sing popular songs and other noises, sometimes a card that’s artistic, personal and faith-filled is what the moment calls for. Holy Cards fit the need. They’re small (think vintage Valentines), beautifully created and full of faith with prayers to be treasured. Send some […]