Category: Inspirational Cards

  • Acknowledge a Friend

    “A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter: he that has found one has found a treasure.” This scripture passage from Sirach 6:14 certainly rings true. How many times has a friend been a “shelter” for you…talked with you, cried with you, laughed with you, prayed with you and for you. Remember a special friend with […]

  • Words of Faith Collection

    Life can be tough…but God’s love is tougher. Do you know someone who is recovering from surgery this summer? Sometimes recovery and rehab can seem like a long journey that’s all uphill. Perhaps a friend or family member was downsized or heard disappointing news. Share hope and encouragement through a Words of Faith card. Inspiring, […]

  • Encouraging and Uplifting Messages

    Send a prayer to friends and family members; it’s certain to uplift or encourage them. The Printery House offers cards featuring prayers composed by the Monks of Conception Abbey. Send an inspiring prayer, written by those who live a life of prayer.

  • Sending an Inspirational Greeting Card Can Help When You are Struggling With Loneliness

    Social commentators talk about the modern phenomenon of urban isolation. This is what occurs when you put 8 or 9 million people close together in a bustling metropolis and they still feel alone. People in suburbia can feel lonely too. There’s a growing tendency in neighborhoods to never see beyond the neighbor’s garage door. The […]