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  • Lenten Daily Devotions

    Lent, a special time for reflection and spiritual growth, is fast approaching and now is a good time to order inspirational books to prepare for it. A Wondrous Love: Daily Lenten Meditations and Prayers (LB1) is available now through The Printery House and can be a helpful Lenten companion for people to reflect on their […]

  • Observing Lent with Your Family: Five Things You Can Do

    It is only a matter of weeks until Easter and the celebration of the Lent season begins this week with Ash Wednesday. How do you celebrate the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday with your family? Do you want to take the time with your family for a season of preparation for the […]

  • Five Traditions for the Season of Lent: Simple Ways to Refocus Today

    Refocus: In a word, this could be the heart of the season of Lent. Early Christians utilized the Lent period to carry out preparations for baptism and Resurrection events, modeling their activities after the biblical story of the first Easter with the focus on the sacrifice of Jesus and the cross, his burial and the […]