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Personalize Christmas Cards in a Matching Color

Have you ever wanted to personalize Christmas Cards with your own text and have it match the color of the text that is already there? Now you can! 

On cards enabled for Online Designing which have a colored inside text, we now provide a color palette so that you can select the exact color of the inside text.

In the Online Designer for the selected card, under Font Color, click the “Choose” button:

Use the Choose button under Font color to open the Color Palettes.

In the box that pops up, you will see a color palette with one or more Inside Text colors:

The Color Palette Tab allows you personalized your card with the exact matching text color.
Click the color box to choose the color.

If you prefer, you can still select the CMYK tab to choose any color you want for your personalization. (Note that this does not change the color of the text that is part of the card design.)

Choose any color text to personalize Christmas cards.
Click in the color box, slide the spectrum slider, or enter CMYK numbers to specify an exact color.

If you decide you’d rather go back to black, click the revert button:

This button will revert the color to black.

Using our online designer to personalize Christmas cards is a great way to save time. It adds a personal touch, but you don’t have to write it by hand. It also may be easier to read than your handwriting. Even if you have beautiful handwriting, it is easy to make a mistake when you are writing personal messages on several cards. Let us add your personal message for you. You can still sign the cards and add individual notes before you send them.

Remember, starting this year all of our personalized cards and notes are ordered by the piece. Order exactly the number of cards you need (or maybe a few extra). You no longer have to order in multiples of the package quantity. Minimum orders apply.

Click here to learn more about personalizing cards.

Happy designing!

How Shopping Online Can Save Your Christmas Season

"Nativity Light" Votive Holder
“Nativity Light” Votive Holder

The Christmas season is upon us. Carolers are practicing their vocal harmonies, shops are gearing up for the mad dash to the stores and families are booking flights and planning road trips so that they can be together during the holidays. The holiday season, even with all its Christmas cheer, can get stressful, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for the ones you love. That’s why shopping online might be your best bet and The Printery House can help.

For Christians, the Christmas season carries a lot of weight. After all, it is this holiday that is nationally celebrated as the birthdate of Jesus. A day this special deserves a lot of attention and time spent with the ones you treasure the most. So when you go out in search of the right gift to give the special people in your life, why not give them a religious gift, a gift that celebrates the real reason for the Christmas season?

You can purchase items like candle holders, Bibles, books, mugs, or holy relic art prints to give to the people in your life that you share your Christian faith with. These Christian gifts will be more than material items to those that receive them. They will be heartfelt and sincere representations of your faith and of what the people you gift them to mean to you.

Once you do your shopping online, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare some inexpensive, thoughtful gifts as well. Make some bread from scratch and leave it on the doorsteps of your neighbors or close friends as a sweet little surprise. Write a loving note to the ones you love and attach a bite-size chocolate bar to the envelope. Plan an impromptu visit with a friend or family member you don’t get to see often because the best presents are sometimes just your presence alone, and in some cases, the most thoughtful gifts in the world cost the least amount of money.

When you choose to go the route of shopping online, you save lots of time. With that extra time to spare, you can volunteer with the Salvation Army by ringing a bell in a Santa hat and collecting money to help those in need. Look through the clothing items around your house and consider donating any cold weather items like hats or coats that no longer fit the members of your family to Goodwill or to families in need that you know. Shopping online can free you up to do a lot of other life-impacting things to help the world around you.

If you do your shopping online at The Printery House, you can find a lot of heartfelt, Christian gifts to give to those that mean the most to you. The Printery House has everything, from framed verses and religious sayings to Christmas ornaments to beautiful nativity scenes to cards to send out in the mail. All of these items can be purchased online and shipped right to your door, which will help you have a relaxed, stress-free Christmas season.

Getting Your Family Organized in 2014 All Starts With the Right Calendar From an Online Christian Gift Shop


Calendars 1
2014 Desk Calendar Wall Calendar Combo Pack

If there is someone on your Christmas list and you can’t decide what to give them – a 2014 calendar makes a great gift. In fact, when you pick up a calendar for someone else, grab a couple for your own home as well. Calendars are the perfect tool for bringing chaotic schedules back under control.

Think about it. Bobby has a music recital. Susie has a sports banquet. Tim has a church event while mom and dad promised to deliver packages to needy families – with all that is going on it is easy for a home to feel like Grand Central Station. Just one person’s schedule can feel stressful at this time of year, scheduling for multiple people sometimes feels like overwhelming!

You can find lovely calendars at a Christian gift shop and The Printery House has some beautiful choices. They come in all sizes and with artwork to appeal to every kind of taste. Here are a few suggestions for making the most of the calendar to get your family organized in 2014.

1. Ask your children for papers from school, church, clubs and sports teams any time they come home from those events. You still won’t get every piece of communication, but you will get more than if you didn’t ask. Put that information (about parent meetings, games, and other events) onto a wall calendar where everyone in the family can see. Do this as soon as possible. Calendars on the refrigerator or next to the door where you leave are typically high-visibility locations.

2. Get everyone into the habit of checking the calendar at the start of the day.

3. Keep a smaller calendar on your desk or in your purse so that you can update on the go. Be sure to sync the two calendars each day.

4. Always write in pencil. Things happen and events get moved. Sometimes, the dental appointment must be cancelled. If you have several children, use a different color pencil for each kid. That way it is easy for them to see if they have anything going on each day.

5. If you write down the address, contact phone number and any special instructions on the calendar, the pile of excess papers that grows on the kitchen counter can be leveled.

6. If you waited too long to buy an Advent calendar this year – don’t make the same mistake next year. Buy your next year’s Advent calendar now. Advent calendars make a terrific gift for other families too.

If your home is in a bit of chaos at the moment, don’t assume that January’s arrival will resolve the issue. Picking out some family organization is just a click away. The Printery House is an online Christian gift shop and they have wall calendars and desk calendars all ready for the New Year. Desk calendars are trim and durable and lie flat on your workspace. One side is graced with artwork and a weekly calendar is on the other. Matching 2014 wall calendars have room for all your notes. And their selection of Advent calendars is hard to beat. Check them out today and be ready when the New Year rolls around.

Online Shopping Can Simplify Your Christmas Shopping

Soaps 2
Handmade Soap Gift Set

Shopping at the mall the other day it was clear that Christmas is soon approaching. There was a horse-drawn sleigh, beautiful Christmas decorations and signs all around for the perfect Christmas present. The atmosphere wasn’t all joyful though as the crowds were heavy and it was a challenge wending through the parking lot to find the aisles not cordoned off to protect sleigh traffic.

Just what is it that makes holiday shopping seem so stressful?

1. Bad weather for one thing. When it’s snowing and sleeting and icy cold it is hard to muster up enough Christmas cheer to leave hearth and home where hot coffee and fuzzy slippers make us so comfortable.

2. Traffic is another challenge that can be stressful as we shop. Everyone else is in the same predicament you see. We are forced to share the road with a lot of other exasperated and distracted drivers and shoppers who are frantically trying to finish their Christmas shopping. Finding a spot in the mall parking lot? Let’s just say that this hunt does not usually bring out the best in people. There are rare exceptions and for that we can be thankful.

3. A lack of selection is a major thing. Yes, the store had exactly what you might be looking for – just not in the size you want or the color you need. It could be there hidden on the major discount rack, but honestly, during the Christmas shopping season merchandise becomes picked over and items are usually not put back where they belong. It becomes difficult to find what you are searching for and supplies may be limited as items sell out.

So, what’s to be done? It’s too late to do Christmas shopping in July. You know come to think of it, it’s not Christmas shopping that is so tough, it’s the conditions. And then it all makes sense. If you change the conditions, you change the experience. Online shopping lets you turn from the bad and embrace the good. It simplifies your Christmas shopping so that you can enjoy the beautiful season of Christmas.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for children’s books or music. You may need Christmas cards, or jewelry or scented bath soap or a board game. Online shopping makes it all so simple. You can find just what you are looking for sipping coffee and wearing fuzzy slippers in the warmth of your home.

The gifts you find at Christian stores like The Printery House not only say you love the person, but that you love Jesus. You may not love the mall this time of year – but shopping online can help you simplify the season so you can remember how much you love to celebrate the birth of Christ. Take some advice and put your feet up and do a little Christmas shopping at The Printery House. It’s so wonderfully simple that way.