Category: Religious Greeting Cards

  • What is a Mass Card?

    A Mass card is a greeting card that is sent to a person to inform them that they, or a deceased loved-one, will be remembered and prayed for in the intentions at a Mass. The most common occasion for offering a Mass is for the repose of a departed soul. The saints and early church […]

  • Understanding Religious Profession

    Understanding Religious Profession

    Religious Profession – What is it? First, I’d like to clarify the meaning of the term “religious profession.” It refers to an event, not a job. The reference is to making or “professing” vows as a way of committing to a religious community. This usually occurs in a formal ceremony. It may also include the […]

  • Milestone Birthdays

    Do you know someone who is celebrating a “milestone birthday” this year? Congratulate and honor a special friend or family member with one of the new milestone birthday cards exclusively from The Printery House. Then ask God to bless him or her with many more happy birthdays. May the warm glow of the birthday candles […]

  • Priest and Pastor Appreciation

    Our Priests and Pastors are always there for us… inspiring and encouraging us; offering prayers and support; comforting and helping us in so many ways. Sending a card can show your priests and pastors how much they are appreciated for their ministry and service. And when you send the card, say a prayer of gratitude […]