Category: Religious Greeting Cards

Our Favorite Mouse

Meet Benny the Church Mouse who lives in the Basilica at Conception Abbey in Missouri. There he observes the Benedictine monks as they pray, study, teach, and work at their various jobs, one being to create Christian greeting cards. Philosopher, theologian, and writer, Benny is now studying calligraphy with the monks at the Abbey and enjoys dipping his tail in the ink to help write messages of faith. Presently Benny has five Birthday cards and five Care/Concern Cards.

Words of Support

Do you know someone who may be sick or hurting? It’s often hard to find uplifting words to provide comfort and encouragement. Cards in the Words of Support Collection will encourage friends and family with inspiring messages such as, “You are never alone” and “God’s unconditional love—an eternal circle of hope.” Everyone needs some extra encouragement…show your support with a Words of Support card.

Too fresh and clean?

One of our Printery House customers shared a comment about this particular Easter card…. She said that after seeing this card, she now sees why Jesus was not recognized on the road to Emmaus… He had a new haircut, beard trim, was all cleaned up, and wearing fresh clothes. She went on to observe that it’s not unlike today when many of us no longer recognize Jesus, whether He is seen in the poor, the downtrodden, or the sick.