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Giving Thanks

This season often brings with it gifts…so please remember to thank friends and family for them. The Printery House offers a wide range of thank-you notes…from tailored to cute. Gratitude is always in style. I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that has been given you in Christ Jesus… 1 Corinthians 1:4


Show your Gratitude

I do not cease to give thanks for you as I remember you in my prayers.
Ephesians 1:16

Show your gratitude to friends and family with a Printery House thank-you note. Go a step further…try counting your blessings and recording them in a gratitude journal. Before you go to bed at night, list 3 things for which you’re grateful. It can be something as simple as…My friend and I shared a good laugh together… to…I spent the day outside and enjoyed God’s glorious creation. Living in an “attitude of gratitude,” and thanking God for our blessings, can make us realize just how rich our lives really are.

How to Honor a Hero with a Thank You Note this Christmas Season

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Going to the mailbox is so exciting at Christmas time. You are never quite sure who you will be hearing from at this time of year. You may get a card from a current neighbor or one from a friend from years ago. You’re sure to get one from your insurance agent. It’s the one time during the year that greeting cards outnumber the stack of catalogs and bills.

But for some Americans there are no anticipatory walks to the mailbox. For some, the Christmas season is a time to feel far from home. Our military men and women deployed around the globe will be spending this season in a strange country away from the people they love and the country they serve.

Wouldn’t it be great if all service members in uniform received cards full of Christmas love and brotherly encouragement? Wouldn’t you like to share some of your Christmas joy with a soldier? You can. The American Red Cross launched a program starting in 2006 called Holiday Mail for Heroes with that very idea in mind. Since that time, the Red Cross has helped to put over 6 million Christmas cards into the hands of men and women in uniform.

By helping to staff hospitals here at home and near the places of conflict, the Red Cross meets the real needs of real heroes on a daily basis. And at Christmastime they make it easy for you and me to do the same. This year’s Christmas card campaign is called Give Something That Means Something.

What means something to a soldier serving abroad is a word of thanks during an especially difficult time. Your Thank You card disguised as a Christmas card could help make the difference to a lonely soldier.

Here are some suggestions from the Red Cross:

1. Address your card to a “service member”

2. Write a personal note inside and be sure to sign your name.

3. If you write out several cards, don’t put them into individual envelopes. Instead, place the stack of cards without envelopes into a single, oversized envelope.

4. Stay away from glitter.

5. Do not include care packages, gifts or money with the cards.

6. Get your friends to send some cards too.
When you’re ready to send your card(s) send them in a flat rate box to:

Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

And if you’re looking for Christmas cards that celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, check out The Printery House where the monks of Conception Abbey offer a wide selection of Christmas cards where Jesus and His coming stay front and center.

Inspirational Gifts and Other Special Ways to Encourage a Teacher


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September is over. By now the mad rush to find backpacks and pack lunches in the morning has become routine along with after-dinner homework sessions in the evening. The school year brings all kinds of new demands on everyone in the family. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and become self-focused in the frenzy.

Teachers in your children’s classrooms are likely facing many of the same challenges you have to deal with. Many of them are taking care of families each morning and evening on top of preparing for your child’s daily education. With just a small gesture, you can encourage your child’s teacher and demonstrate the other-centeredness to which Christ calls us.

It isn’t hard to encourage another person, you just need to make a plan and do it. Here are some inspirational gifts and ideas for blessing the teachers – or principals, librarians, bus drivers – in your life.

1. Send a card.
Just a few words can really go a long way. Thank a teacher for his/her role in your child’s life. Thank them for the hours of planning and grading and the words of wisdom they are investing in your child. You can let the teacher know that you are praying for them.

2. Send something for the break room.
It could be specialty coffee (pumpkin spice in the fall for example), a favorite soda pop or a jug of tea – but send along something to enjoy during break time. If you love to cook, bake some homemade goodies and put them on a pretty tray.

3. Volunteer to be a helper.
Let your child’s teacher know that you are willing to help. Offer to cut out craft supplies, make copies or staple papers. If it is okay with your school’s policies, offer to monitor a recess or come in occasionally to read aloud to children. Some volunteer duties can be done in the evening if you work.

4. Give a Christian bookmark.
This is a small gift and it doesn’t cost a lot, but it will be a regular reminder of your support. Pick one that has words of faith, gratitude or a prayer for needed grace. Let him/her know that you realize that teaching means they have little time for recreational reading and thank them for the sacrifice.

5. Provide a box of seasonal or holiday cards.
You feel like you are meeting yourself coming and going – and it’s likely that your child’s teacher feels the same. Drop off a box of seasonal cards and maybe a page of stamps with a post-it note saying ‘just in case you don’t have time to shop this season’.

6. Wrap up some Christian music.
Christian music is near the top of the list when it comes to inspirational gifts. Listening to inspirational music during the ride to or from school can refresh anyone – including teachers.

7. When all else fails, gift cards are also a nice gesture.
If you can’t think of anything else, a gift card to the local coffee shop, nail salon, or grocery store is always welcome.

It will only take a few extra minutes in the week to encourage the person who is with your child all day. And, nothing compares to the great feeling of knowing you’ve followed one of Christ’s commands – to consider the needs of others. If you’re looking for other great inspirational cards and gifts, why not check out The Printery House – an online Christian gift store offering inspirational gifts anyone would enjoy receiving.