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  1. Robert J. Hohl Avatar
    Robert J. Hohl

    I have recently purchased from a thrift shop a pack of miscellaneous cards printed by the Conception Abbey Press. The imprints of these cards are both the former Conception Abbey Press and the current Printery House.

    Many of the cards show the influence of Sister Corita Kent’s style , if not actually by her. Corita Kent was influential during the post Vatican II decade in her serigraphs and other print media.

    Could you tell me whether Sister Corita was ever associated with Conception Abbey and designed cards for its press. If so,how might I obtain a list and description of the cards designed by Sister Corita.

    Thanks for you help,


    Bob Hohl, M.L.S.

    1. Br. Michael Avatar
      Br. Michael

      Bob, I don’t think that Sr. Corita Kent designed any greeting cards for the Printery House (once known as Conception Abbey Press), however David Mekelburg, an artist and calligrapher who designed hundreds of cards for the Printery House, studied with Sr. Corita at Immaculate Heart College. His work from the 1960’s definitely shows her influence.

  2. Wendy Dytman Avatar
    Wendy Dytman

    I believe that Conception Abbey DID distribute greeting cards which were blank inside but featured her
    artwork on the front, as I remember purchasing them in the late 60s and early 70’s in Ogunquit ME ……I am trying to find if anyone still makes the cards….

    1. Bro. David Wilding, O.S. B. Avatar
      Bro. David Wilding, O.S. B.

      Again, if there is something that you think we produced that is not in our current line, please call our Customer Service department at 1-800-889-0105 to see if we can track it down. If we still have the artwork and rights to print it, we may be able to produce it as a custom job. The Printery House was formerly known as Conception Abbey Press, so either name would be tied to us.

  3. Wendy Dytman Avatar
    Wendy Dytman

    Do you still distribute cards by DAVID Mekelburg? I still have a Conception Abbey card of his with a Rilke quote: “I am so happy you are here…It maykes me realize how beautiful my world is.”

    1. Bro. David Wilding, O.S. B. Avatar
      Bro. David Wilding, O.S. B.

      You can find a list of our current products featuring the artwork of David Meckelburg on his Artist page on our web site:

      If there’s something in particular that you are looking for that is not in our current line, we may still be able to produce it as a custom job. Please call 1-800-889-0105 for more information.

  4. Theresa King Avatar
    Theresa King

    A few years ago you carried a beautiful line of wallet and oak crucifixes made at the abbey. Any ideas how to find any now? Thanks!

    1. Bro. David Wilding, O.S. B. Avatar
      Bro. David Wilding, O.S. B.

      We would be the source, but as you realize we stopped making crucifixes years ago. We can no longer get the materials or labor to create them.