Spreading God’s Word Through Greeting Cards and Art

  • Easter Ideas for Kids, Part 2: More Than Meets the Egg

    Except for a few northernmost regions, the countryside is bending toward spring. Girls may look for hats, purses or a new hair-bow. Boys usually get a new pair of pants or a collared shirt. Everyone looks spiffed up and at their best on Easter morning. But Christian moms and dads know that the most important […]

  • Easter Ideas for Kids: More Meaning, Less Hype

    Easter is a holiday that can be extra meaningful when shared with a child. Anyone walking the aisles of the local grocery has already begun to see shelves loaded down with neon plastic and chocolate in preparation for the Easter season. Yet Christian parents may feel that wrapped chocolates and plastic grass, while pretty, might […]

  • Choosing Religious Gifts for Women to Honor Spiritual Milestones

    Although there have been a few recent winter storms, it really is nearly time for Jack Frost to pack it up for another year. Spring is just around the corner. Jonquils will start peeping through the soil about the same time that migrating birds return and grass begins to green. With its resurgence of warmth […]

  • Holy Week: Easter Cards Share Spiritual Truths Through Art

    Do you know where your Easter cards came from, or if they have a story? Taking the time to send a message of hope and faith with a religious greeting card is a special act. You can make it even more meaningful this year by sending a unique card that has a story all its […]

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