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Let The Printery House Help You Make Advent Meaningful and Stress-Free

Tidings of Joy Fabric Advent Calendar
Tidings of Joy Fabric Advent Calendar

Easter and Christmas are important holidays on the church calendar. You want your home to reflect their meaning and importance. Yet sometimes, the desire to make the holidays understood and celebrated can itself become a source of stress. There are so many ways to celebrate Advent, for instance, that a family can be overwhelmed wondering which are best.

At The Printery House we want to encourage you to relax this year. Trust that God will use and bless even the smallest effort to make His coming special. Here are some simple ideas that you can use to help make the Advent season a special time in your home.

1. Make an Advent Prayer Chain
This season, cut strips of whatever color paper you choose. Have your children write out prayer requests on a strip each day and then pray together. You could pray for people far away, people near, and for yourselves. When Christmas arrives, you will have a long and lovely chain to hang on the tree or mantle and many weeks of family prayer.

2. Christmas Books Make a Special Appearance
Develop a collection of Christmas books that only come out during Advent each year. These books can line the mantel or hearth or could be set up down the stairs. Choose one book each week (maybe at Sunday dinner) to read. Add to your collection each year.

The Printery House offers several books that would fit the bill. Guess Who’s Coming for Christmas is a booklet for young children designed for reading through the Advent season. Christmas Tree Blessing tells the story of the Christmas tree and includes a special prayer to bless the tree and even a song to sing together.

3. Let the Kids be Re-Enactors
Several times read the Christmas story to your children. It may be best to use a Children’s bible with youngsters. Have your nativity set on hand and let the kids act out the story as you read. Children will want to take turns acting out different characters in the story week by week.

4. Learn an Advent Hymn
There are hymns written in celebration of the Lord’s birth. Christmas carols and hymns are only sung for a few weeks each year. Why not spend some time singing these songs at home during the season? You could sing a song such as O Come, O Come Immanuel each Sunday of Advent. By the time Christmas arrives, young voices will be able to sing along in church.

5. Advent Calendars
Advent calendars are tried and true ways to help your family stay focused on the coming of Jesus at Christmas. The Printery House offers several types of calendars – some have windows, some have stickers, but all are fun and can help your family celebrate the special season.

6. Special Sunday Dinners
It’s never too early to introduce an advent wreath, even if you don’t do all of the readings and activities with young children. During Advent, make Sunday dinners special with candlelight and the lighting of the Advent candle. You could read small sections of the Christmas story, sing a Christmas carol or offer a special Advent prayer.

When it comes to family worship, more isn’t always better. Consistency is what counts. You can make Advent special without a lot of stress. God can be trusted to bless your efforts. At The Printery House, we want to help you make this Advent meaningful. Choose one or two ideas and implement them and see how God multiplies the investment.

Christian Products to Help Truly Celebrate the Advent Season with Your Family

Advent Wreath 1
A Light Shines in The Night

Wouldn’t it be great if this year
you could slow down your life enough to enjoy what Christmas is all about and really worship the Lord of the Christmas season?

There is a way to take control of the Christmas season chaos. You can exchange stress for joy and materialism for meaning. A way that is time-tested and proven to help you keep a focus on the miracle of Christ’s appearing on the earth. It’s called Advent. Maybe your church celebrates Advent during weekly services and maybe it doesn’t – but in either case, Advent is a wonderful way to restore attention on the Savior and what makes Christmas so remarkable. There are a number of Christian
that go along with Advent to guide you.

Advent covers the four week period leading up to Christmas Eve. An Advent wreath helps churches and families to consider Jesus’ birth in light of Biblical history and promises. It also helps us remember that the Jesus who came 2,000 plus years ago, will one day come again. The Advent wreath is a tool that helps us to celebrate Jesus’ first coming and builds expectation for His second coming.

The word Advent comes from the Latin word adventus – coming. The wreath uses the lighting of candles to fix our attention on what really happened in that stable in Bethlehem. Traditional Advent celebrations incorporate weekly (or daily) bible readings
that help set the stage for Jesus’ arrival.

Jesus was promised long before He actually came, and God’s people looked for Him all through the pages of scripture. Each week, for four weeks, bible passages are read that show how God was preparing His people to recognize His Son. A purple candle is lit each week to symbolize the Majesty of Jesus as a promised king.

After the bible reading and the lighting of a new candle, meaningful Christmas carols can be sung and the family can close the time of worship with prayer. Songs like Come Thou Long Expected Jesus become more understandable to children and adults when they are sung as we contemplate the scope of the incarnation. On the final week of Advent, a candle is lit symbolizing the Hope of Jesus’ arrival. The last candle, the white one, is lit on Christmas Eve –when the light of the world fulfilled God’s promise
and came into the world.

Maybe you’d like this Christmas to be different. Maybe you’d like to really celebrate the coming of the Savior with your family. Advent is a great way to do that. The
Printery House
offers an entire line of Christian products to help you. At The Printery House you can find votive Advent candleholders or wreaths that use tapers. There are Advent calendars for kids to enjoy with magnetic figures, stickers or peek-a-boo windows. You can even find books of reflective readings and helps with Advent prayers. Visit The Printery House today and be ready for a true celebration of Christmas before the season arrives.

Personalized Wedding Gifts: For Keeps, For Generations

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Catholic Wedding Bible
Catholic Edition Wedding Bible

Wedding season will be here soon. Halfway into May, you will have probably already attended one or more wedding showers. June brides are making their final fitting appointments. Parents of the bride are double-checking flower orders and reception menus. As the guest, you’ve got it made – all you have to do is show up. Get your wedding gift sooner rather than later, and then there is nothing for you to do but to enjoy the happy event.

Most couples today have made a complete list of the many necessities they need and desire with at least two big-name stores. Buying from the gift registry is a good way to help the young couple set up house, and helping young married couples get set is a real blessing. However, personalized wedding gifts can wind up being more treasured and valued for years to come.

Cash, for example, is fast becoming a popular wedding gift. But as appreciated as it may be at the time, it is not a gift that will be connected to any particular item and it will not likely be long remembered. Money as a gift may say ‘generosity’ and ‘practical’ – but it doesn’t say ‘personal’. Gifts that reflect what you know about the couple do say those things.

Christian couples who wed this summer might be blessed to receive a Wedding Bible. The Printery House offers a beautiful New American Standard edition Bible perfect for newlyweds. The Bible even has a place for the couple to record the bible verses that were part of the wedding ceremony. This is the kind of gift that gets passed on to the next generation.

Another fun idea under personalized wedding gifts, is a musical keepsake box. The Printery House has a music box which plays the tune of On Eagle’s Wings, with eagle artwork on the lid. However, the box is made purposefully with easy access to the artwork so that you could also slide it out and replace it with a 4×6” photo of the couple under the glass to personalize it. This keepsake box will be a keeper.

Believing couples have thought ahead to needing a toaster, a blender and bath towels, but they may not have thought about the holidays they will be sharing. Why not bless them with the gift of an Advent Candleholder? When December rolls around they will be so appreciative…and the December after that….and the December after that….

Consider going off-registry this summer. Try giving personalized wedding gifts instead. The Printery House has them. Take a look soon, then relax and enjoy the ceremony and the cake.